Jay Hernandez Rumored To Join ‘Suicide Squad’


I’ve always enjoyed it when at first I didn’t recognize an actor’s name, but after a quick Google search found them in a bunch of television shows or movies that I liked. I’m sure everyone has had that happen to them, those moments when you recognize the actor from an older role and put two and two together. I had just such a moment today when I read the rumor that Jay Hernandez was in talks for a role in David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad.

A quick Google search and suddenly I’m reliving scenes from Friday Night Lights, and Kevin Costner’s The Rookie. I loved both of those movies and could now place where I’d seen Hernandez before. There’s no concrete word on what role Hernandez might be playing in Suicide Squad, but the Internet Water Cooler puts him squarely in the same cell block as the Joker.


Now this could mean a few things. Perhaps Hernandez will fall victim to the Clown Prince of Crime and not have a recurring role in other DC movies. On the other hand it could be a way of introducing his character as a lead in to another movie role as the same character. They don’t call it the Suicide Squad because they all come back from their missions alive and well. Someone will have to fill the vacancies as they occur. Perhaps this time Hernandez’s character will only get an introduction, but join the team after someone falls.

What do you think? Is this just the start of something much bigger for Hernandez in the DC Cinematic Universe?

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