Bryan Singer likes to stir the pot while making movies. He’s always Tweeeting this or Instagraming that, and we love him all the more for it. I hate it when a movie is so wrapped up in a secure cocoon that no one knows what is going on. I think that cocoon of silence is about half the fan problem that Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four reboot is facing on the Internet. Not Sharing leads to Rumor, Rumor leads to Speculation, Speculation leads to The Dark Side. We certainly don’t have that issue with Singer, he’s shooting things out into the Internet left and right. This latest is s look at the X-Men: Apocalypse design for Cerebro. That mutant power amplifier that helps Professor X find other mutants anywhere around the world. Take a look.

There’s been quite a few versions of Cerebro in the movies. It the Technological Mutant Google of the franchise. Need to find  mutant, use Cerebro.


Working on designs from home a month ago. Getting ready for the long-haul in Montreal. #TBT #XmenApocalypse

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Which do you like? The one big difference I can see is that the one on the left has the entire head encased. I kind of like that one. The other is the standard look that the X-Men franchise has used, open-faced, You’ve got to see the actor’s face don’t you? Isn’t that why you pay them the big bucks?

I’m kinda wondering why somebody in that production can’t get Singer a table to work on. Let’s not get started on the tripping hazard that wire presents. OSHA Inspectors would be down on that like Wolverine on Jean Grey.

It looks like they are conferencing online with the video feeds on the top of the screen. That’s Singer on the left, I wonder who the rest are, can anyone make them out enough to recognize anyone?

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