If you live in North America, and anywhere west of the Rockies, then you’re probably freezing right now. Perhaps you can be comforted and warmed by the idea that, at least, you’re not going thorough it alone, but as it stands right now, forecasters are saying that this is going to be the coldest February on record. Being completely irrational human beings, people are looking for someone to blame. For the cold. And the good folks in Police Department of Harlan City, Kentucky, think they’ve found the culprit, Princess Elsa from Disney animated movie Frozen. Presumably, Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold and the X-Man Iceman have been accounted for, so a warrant has been issued for the immediate arrest of Elsa.

Here’s the Facebook post from the HCPD:

So if you see Else consider her armed with a song in her heart and to be kind of adorable. Presumably, the Kentucky State Police are also still looking for Robin Hood in connection to that series of robberies in wealthy neighborhoods as well as a tall white woman in a fur coat wanted for animal abuse reportedly named “Cruella de Vil.” Good thing that Kentucky’s land locked, otherwise they’ll be looking for Coast Guard assistance to protect them from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

This may be getting a bit too political for Nerd Bastards, but if Kentucky law enforcement wanted to issue arrest warrants for the people responsible for extreme cold, they could start with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky politician, who said last year on climate change that, “Each side has their scientists, and they can all go in and argue,” in a newspaper interview. “For everybody who thinks it’s warming, I can find somebody who thinks it isn’t,” he added.

Or how about Kentucky’s junior Senator Rand Paul who said on Real Time with Bill Maher that there’s a “religiousity” about climate change and repeated the old chestnut about not sacrificing the economy to save the Earth. How about Kentucky State Senator Brandon Smith who “disproved” climate change in a hearing by citing that Earth and Mars have the same temperatures. Smith’s colleague State Rep. Kevin Sinnette then pointed out “The dinosaurs died, and we don’t know why, but the world adjusted,” even though we do know why the dinosaurs died and that it took thousands of years for the Earth to adjust.

With evidence supporting the theory that extreme temperatures on either end of the thermometer being linked to global climate change, I think that Kentucky politicians are more responsible than, let’s face it, a fictional cartoon character. Besides, considering that this was the police that put out this post, wouldn’t it have been funnier if they blamed Mr. Freeze? How villainous was Elsa in the end?



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