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The idea of rebooting Indiana Jones  (or any classic pop culture movie property for that matter) is almost an abhorrent idea. I say almost because certain people involved in this talked about new version are not only giving moment for pause but making the hate meter go in the other direction (at least for some people).

None of this is official or even substantially accurate, but it’s been going around the interwebz that Disney has Chris Pratt as the frontrunner to take on the mantle of whip cracking archeologist Dr. Indiana Jones. While fans of the franchise have been debating the potential of Pratt replacing the role made famous by Harrison Ford, now one half of the creative team from the original movies (supposedly) both endorses that idea and wants to direct him in it.

Deadline says they’ve got a source stating “assuming a script comes in to his satisfaction, Steven Spielberg hopes to direct that film.”

Neither Pratt of Spielberg have signed on. There’s no script and deal making happening at this time. This is all hearsay. It’s one of those times where you suspect the studio is intentionally spreading rumors to gauge chatter and interest. Or it’s all a not so ill fated attempt by online trolls to get people talking.

It has been said that Guardians Of The Galaxy star Pratt was Spielberg’s hand-picked choice to be the star of Jurassic World.So it’s easy follow the idea that he wants to work with him for a new Indy – despite that fact that Spielberg has gone on record before that Harrison Ford is the only Indiana Jones. On the other hand, he has also taken accountability for not sticking up against George Lucas and allowing certain bad things (scripting issues, overuse of CGI) to transpire in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. So he’s got a lot of make up for.

Honestly, it’s not a bad idea. Most are against it now because we only see Harrison Ford in the role but just one good Indy movie with another actor and we’d be on board. Chris Pratt is charismatic & funny, and by golly if he doesn’t look good wearing that fedora.

I, for one, would prefer to see Chris Pratt (or some other charismatic actor) being a follower or idol of Indiana’s work or maybe a student at the university that Indy taught at who decides to go on his own cool adventures taking up the mantle in Harrison’s stead. Least that way it allows for more Indy style adventures but it doesn’t take the risk of tarnishing the legacy of the original movies.

Will Spielberg or Pratt have anything to do with a new Indiana Jones movie? Eh, we’ll probably hear some report soon from both camps that these are wild rumors and they’ve heard nothing about it. Will a new Indy movie eventually get made, with or without Pratt and Spielberg? Well, when Disney bought out LucasFilm they secured the film rights to Star Wars as well as Indiana Jones. You think they’re gonna sit on that property and not do anything with it? It’s not a matter of “if” they make a new movie but when.

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