Remember this image? It’s not exactly the most engaging piece of movie poster art, but it did tease well that all our favorite heroes were going to be together, and in one place, fighting the good fight in The Avengers. By comparison, the sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, will feature more heroes, more action, and more edge of your seat excitement, but can all that be delivered on one, singular poster image? Well, don’t think that Marvel Studios won’t try. Submitted for your approval today, is the official movie posted for Age of Ultron, and within this simple image is more than just a hint of our heroes in action. The fine print also suggests who and what might have a more substantial part in the story.

Behold! From the Avengers Twitter feed:

And embiggened for your convenience.


Well, it’s another Photoshop victory, am I right? But if they get one more character on this poster, the whole thing’s going to explode. Kind of like the cast list on the movie poster.

Yes, let’s read the fine print. For instance, there’s Anthony Mackie listed after Cobie Smulders, which confirms a long standing rumor that yes, The Falcon is involved in some way in the film. Note too that he’s listed in the cast rundown at all, where as Don Cheadle, who we’ve known for months will be appearing as James “War Machine” Rhodes in Age of Ultron, is not. I guess Cheadle’s role will be more cameo than anything, but how big a role will Mackie play considering that, even up until last month, he was refuting the rumor of an appearance in Avengers?

Further down we get confirmation that Stellan Skarsgard is back, but he isn’t the only Thor co-star listed. Idris Elba gets name dropped on the poster too, as does Hayley “Agent Carter” Atwell. All-in-all, 17 actors are listed on the poster, and that doesn’t include Cheadle, Andy Serkis, Claudia Kim, or Thomas Kretschmann. Tom Hiddleston, aka: Loki, is also rumored to appear at some point, as is Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Clark Gregg.

As for crew notes, notice the mysterious listing of Tim Burton‘s favorite composer Danny Elfman as being responsible for additional music after Bryan Tyler. What additional music might Elfman be creating? Perhaps we will be composing the innermost thoughts of Ultron a la Pharrell Williams in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But hopefully not.

Anyway, all questions will be answered on May 1 when Avengers: Age of Ultron opens in theaters everywhere.

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