Calista Flockhart Joins ‘Supergirl’ Cast


In what one might hope would be an indication that the new Supergirl series will have musical numbers in the bathroom, the power that be behind the project, Greg Berlanti, has cast Claista Flockhart (Ally McBeal, Brothers & Sisters) in a strong supporting role. What might that role be?

None other than Cat Grant, the gossip columnist that started her own company. She’s been portrayed in the comics as a party girl/sultry vixen at times.


Kara (Melissa Benoist), while not doing Supergirl things will work as Grant’s personal assistant. I’m sure this version of Grant will be more Devil Wears Prada than the flirty version that plagued Jimmy Olsen.


The series has cast a Jimmy Olsen in Mehcad Brooks, so we might see a little teasing between Grant and Olsen at some point as nod to the comics.

Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that we’ll have a Cat Grant singing in the bathroom scene.

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