Man, The Lego Movie made a hell of a splash, even if the Academy somehow managed to overlook the talent that was required to put a movie of that scale together. Well, if you are among the millions who are counting the moments until the sequel hits the big screen in 2018, you now how even more of a reason to be excited for the upcoming film.  Warner Brothers has announced that Monster House scribe Rob Schrab will be directing the sequel.  Yes. Everything IS awesome.

Lego 3

Schrab has an arsenal of comedy hits under his belt, including Community, The Mindy Project, Workaholics, and even an episode of Parks and Recreation.  The director’s chair was vacated when Chris McKay, director of animation for The Lego Movie, was drafted to take the helm of the spinoff, The Lego Batman Movie. Since then, fans have been holding their breath in the hopes that someone capable would get the gig and it seems that their prayers were answered.  Greg Silverman, WB’s president of creative development, had this to say:

The LEGO Movie captivated critics and audiences on a global scale with its irresistible blend of humor, imagination and fun. Warner Bros. is excited to build our relationship with The Lego Group with this new adventure, and we join them in welcoming the multi-talented Rob Schrab to the Lego family as he takes the helm of The Lego Movie Sequel.”

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Some may be a bit disappointed that Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the directors of the first film, will not be taking the reins on this one but it makes sense.  After all, Miller and Lord are now in high demand and have too much on their plate to give fans a satisfying sequel to the first film. Considering the fact that they are co-writing the script, and taking into account Schrab’s history, it seems that the sequel that fans want so badly, that they deserve, is within their grasp.

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There are a few people out there who didn’t love The Lego Movie but I believe that those people may be either Cylans or, perhaps, Daleks in disguise.  The movie is an absolutely wonderful family film with a great message.  Beyond that, it was a true feat of animation and imagination, one that will be tough to beat.  As with any other successful Warner Brothers franchise, however, the Powers That Be are sure going to give it their damnedest, and a sequel was quickly announced after the release of the first movie.  Moments later, the world cried out in united delight.  Fans will definitely be getting their fair share of Lego movies over the next few years as Ninjago will be released September 23, 2016, followed by Lego Batman in 2017, and, finally (for now), The Lego Movie Sequel in 2018.  Let’s hope that at least one of them comes with another ironically happy song, with a truly depressing story behind the lyrics.

Which Lego movie are you most excited to see?  Are you happy with Schrab’s new role or are you worried?


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