Robert Downey Jr. Is A Hell Of A Tease


You love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, right? Of course you do.  And, you love Robert Downey Jr., too, right?  Of course you do.  Well, the King of the Comeback has just teased his legion of fans with an awesome Avengers: Age of Ultron character one sheet and a reason to stick by your computer on March 5.  Are you ready to speculate?

First, here is the post from RDJ’s official Facebook page:

Oh, Bob, you TEASE, you!  Before we begin the guessing game, take a moment to appreciate that image!  It may be just Tony Stark but in comparison to the poster that was recently released, it is absolutely wonderful.  The official Avengers: AOU poster just unleashed was obviously shot out with the hopes of inserting as many Easter eggs as possible to generate buzz rather than in the hope of winning a “Movie Poster of the Year” award.  In the Iron Man one sheet, however, things have been sized down considerably, and it makes a world of difference.  Tony is on one knee looking almost frightened but still determined, while Ultron bots head towards him, flying over the wreckage of a city with a mountain landscape. The Iron Man suit is dented and worn, illustrating the fact that the superhero has just endured a hell of a fight.  Perhaps most importantly, however, it shows that even through the destruction of a city and at least one fight against a supervillain robot, Stark still manages to keep his hair in perfect order.  Well done, Stark.

Bob 2

Alright, onto the guessing!  We know almost nothing about Iron Man’s future in the MCU beyond AOU and his absolutely REQUIRED inclusion in Captain America: Civil War.  Downey has indicated that he will be leaving the MCU soon but sceptics are sure that this is simply a negotiation tactic to get more money on his next contract.  Well, what if it isn’t a negotiation tactic?  After all, Downey is 49 years old, making him three years older than Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, and Jackman has commented many times on the abuse he has to put his body through for his comic book role and that he can’t imagine doing it forever. He may have changed his tune on that but perhaps Downey feels that he isn’t bouncing back as quickly as he once was.  He has previously complained about the amount of pain that he goes through in order to give us a perfect Iron Man, so this isn’t completely out of the question.  Perhaps, just perhaps, the big news will be the reveal of a new actor that will be stepping into the Iron Man suit.

Bob 4

Then again, now that your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has joined the MCU, maybe fans will be treated to a Spiderific announcement!  Many people absolutely scoffed when I suggested that the new Spider-Man would actually be Miles Morales but who knows?  Maybe the announcement will clue fans in on which Spider-Man to expect.  Considering Spidey is rumored to first appear in Civil War and the movie starts shooting in April, now would even be the perfect time to announce who will be filling the role.  I really don’t know how hard it would be to add a wonderful Spidey stinger to the end of AOU but one can definitely hope, and if an actor is cast quickly enough, maybe we will see him even sooner than we thought.

We could speculate on this all day but, in the end, no one will know for sure what RDJ’s big announcement will be until he (or Marvel) decides that it is time for us to know.  Until then, let’s just watch this Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer over and over.

What do you think the big announcement is?  Are you hoping for some Spider-Man news or would it make you happier to hear about Iron Man 4?

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