If you’ve been absolutely anxious about getting another taste of the upcoming new and improved Fantastic Four, let us wet your whistle is four new character-based images, and a new interview with the director. Try to hold back your excitement. Fan interest about this new FF hasn’t seen the fever pitch that’s greeted other comic book-based movie projects lately, even by Rise of the Silver Surfer standards, but the revelation of the trailer last month at least promised a movie with a strong sense of style. Granted that style was lifted wholesale from Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, but it’s style just the same. After such a long wait for any hint about what the film might look like, the trailer was certainly provocative. The below character photos though, not so much.

Courtesy of the new issue of Empire (via Coming Soon) behold the sorta uninspired new look at the Fantastic Four of the Fantastic Four.

Here’s Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic, looking at something concerning.


Here’s Kate Mara as the Invisible Woman. Visible. After beating up some army guys?


And then there’s Michael B. Jordan. The Human Torch. Not on fire. Cool close-up though.


And finally, here’s Jamie Bell as The Thing. Before he becomes The Thing. (I guess.) Working on his bicycle.


Shall we expand on these images a bit? Sure. In that same issue of Empire (via Comic Book Movie), director Josh Trank discussed why his comic book movie looks nothing like other comic book movies, which the filmmaker calls in this interview “cartoonish.”

“There’s the opportunity to make something that is challenging and tragic and dramatic,” he said. “The opportunity is right there in the material. We’d rather steer it in that direction as opposed to just embracing a tone that comes right off the page.”

Comic book fans would respectfully disagree I’m sure, just as they were highly suspicious when Trank made the Storm family biracial. According to Trank, his decision to cast Jordan as Johnny and Mara as Sue comes from a very personal place for him. “I have mixed family,” Trank explained. “When I go home for Christmas, you’ll see white people and black people. That’s normal to me. I wanted a Storm family that represented 21st century families.”

For Sue in particular, Trank wanted to send the message that she was more than just a pretty face (as might be implied from the casting of Jessica Alba in the previous Fantastic Four movies). “There have always been two categories of Sue – the slutty secretary version, and this brilliant scientist version,” he added. “This is a really, really smart Sue, and one that is dignified and has integrity.”

Like many directors these days, Trank was cagey about spoiling too much but he assures fans that there’s a lot to look forward to with his take on Marvel’s First Family. “There are surprises for everybody in the movie,” he said not expanding on whether those surprises would be pleasant or not. “We’ve had time to figure out every single iconic and subtle aspect of the Fantastic Four, and how it can organically belong to this film.”

Fantastic Four comes out in theaters everywhere on August 7.

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