Heroes of ‘Arrow’ & ‘Flash’ Team-Up for a Spin-off

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With all the ground work being laid in both Arrow and The Flash, introducing new characters who could each lead their own spin-off series, unless the CW wanted to change their name to the DC Network, this was really the only option that made sense. The CW has announced that they’re presently developing a “superhero team-up” spin-off series featuring a ragtag group of actors from both Arrow and The Flash. Currently being developed by DCTV Universe overseers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim, the new show already has a popular quartet of actors apparently signed up to lead team, which will only, undoubtedly, open the door to more spin-off ready characters.

According to Deadline, this is the new spin-off that CW President Mark Pedowitz made reference to last month at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. At the time, there was some speculation that the show would launch The Atom from Arrow into his own solo adventures, or possibly Firestorm who was introduced on The Flash. I guess someone thought, “Why not combine the two?”

Along with the announcement of the as-yet-untitled show, there was also the announcement of the first four cast members: Brandon Routh, Victor Garber, Wentworth Miller, and Caity Lotz. Routh has been appearing on Arrow this season as Ray Palmer AKA: The Atom, while Miller has played the villainous Captain Cold, and Garber has been filling one half of Firestorm, Dr. Martin Stein on The Flash. They will reprise those roles for the new show, but what of Lotz?

Lotz’s character, the original Black Canary, was killed in the third season premiere of Arrow, and her murder has driven the narrative ever since. So is Canary 1 coming back (spoiler?) or is the CW holding on Lotz as an asset by recasting her as a new character. And what about Robbie Amell, who plays Ronnie Raymond, the other half of Firestorm on The Flash? There’s no word on whether or not he will be involved. It would be kind of weird to have one-half of Firestorm without the other, right?

In other news, Deadline added that the show will include “three major DC Comics characters who have never appeared in a TV series. ” As for timeline, there’s no word on a pilot, so the show could be going straight to series, which, their sources say, could get a midseason launch, possibly filling in for Arrow or The Flash while on hiatus a la Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

So what will this show look like with the cast they’ve announced that they’ve put together? My guess is that it will look something akin to the old DC Showcase comic book series with different heroes and villains popping up depending on the story, but with the frame work of a set cast of characters. I’m not sure what that framework could be with these four characters: one-and-a-half heroes, a villain and a potential hero or new character, but with the success of the Arrow/Flash universe so far, I think I speak for all fans when I say we’re very excited about the possibilities.

We’ll have more news as it develops.

The Flash returns March 17, and Arrow returns March 18 on The CW.

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