It’s Loot Crate time again, another mysterious black box has arrived with untold treasures inside. If you are new to this subscription box service thing, once a month (and for less than $20 USD including shipping,) Loot Crate sends you a box of geeky nerdy things all wrapped around a theme. This months theme is #Play, so I guess that’s board games, card games, video games, role-playing games, and anything ‘play’ related.

My expectations are high on this one, the past few crates have been great and with this months theme having a RPG connection I could possibly get the hippogriff I have so desperately wanted after decades of playing D&D. Let’s open it up and see!

Loot Crate February 2015 Open
As usual, the crate is packed rather tightly and the value is already clear. Loot Crate really makes your $20 bucks (bit more if you live outside the USA like myself) go the distance. So far I haven’t seen a crate that hasn’t greatly exceed that value and let’s not forget they always deliver a few exclusives every month. As soon as the lid is opened I’m impressed and excited for this months haul. So far I don’t see a hippogriff.

Loot Crate February 2015 DIY Munny Vinyl Figure

First up a DIY 7″ MUNNY vinyl figure from kidrobot. Complete with 3 color dry erase markers. It also wipes clean for endless vinyl figure fun. You can make the little guy suit your mood, is today a grizzled eye-patch/mo-hawk kinda day or are you more a cutie anime character… YOU DECIDE! Initially I was going to give this to one of my kids but after a few minutes of creativity… This might be joining my shelf of semi-interesting things. Incidentally Loot Crate is currently holding a contest for subscribers to show off their artistic skills on these figures where you could win money and up to a year in free crates.



Loot Crate February 2015 Hex Bug Scarab

Up next, and still not a hippogriff, an orange scarab HEXBUG! Subscribes received one of six of these (two of which are special glow in the dark ‘zombie’ HEXBUGs because we’re still making zombies a ‘thing’ apparently.) I’ve seen these little robots around, but this is my first hands-on experience with one and I have to say they are pretty neat. Insanely fast and incredibly skittery. Very good at freaking out pets, children and, the elderly. I shall use this only for good, not evil.




Loot Crate February 2015 SkyBound Games SUPERFIGHT Card Game

Robert Kirkman‘s Skybound, no longer content with making millions of zombies and superheroes, has forged into the card game market with Superfight. Can two tribbles armed with lightsabers (with smaller lightsabers sticking out of the hilt) defeat and overly emotional Keanu Reeves in Godzilla’s stomach when gravity is reversed? YOU DECIDE. This month, Looters are treated to a special (and exclusive) 100 card deck of this party game and I have to say, it’s a lot of fun. Face it, we are nerds. We love to debate who would win in a fight between the characters we’ve grown to love or loathe and that is exactly what this game is about. I am currently leaning towards the tribbles in this fight, let’s face it… if Keanu is showing actual emotions he is in uncharted territory and should be quick work for the little balls of fur from Star Trek.

I scanned through the cards. Sadly no hippogriff.




Loot Crate February 2015 Rock Paper Scissors Dice

For those times that you want to play a good game of Rock-Paper-Scissors but are without the require game elements to play the game (hands,) comes a set of Rock-Paper-Scissors dice from Loot Crate Labs. Alright then. They definitely are dice that portray the require hand signs for the game and they do come in a stylish black velveteen dice bag… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Loot Crate February 2015 Waka-Waka Poster by Manny Peters

Artist Manny Peters takes us back to the dawn of a classic with this mini-poster. Titled “Waka-Waka,” we see the (stylized) inner workings of a Pac-Man Atari cartridge. It’s a nice little piece (9″x13″) for a fan of retro gaming or old 8-bitters that miss they days when they would gorge themselves on cherries and ghosts and dots.


Loot Crate February 2015 Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Even if you ignore everything above, here is where this months Loot Crate earns the price of admission. Rather than just supplying a download code for you to get a copy of Ernest Cline‘s Ready Player One on your Kiddle, iPad, or Zune (can you read books on a Zune? I’ve never actually met anyone that bought one,) they’ve supplied a good ol’fashioned real live book for you to hold in your meaty little hands! A bestselling, well reviewed, and much loved dystopian sci-fi story about life inside a video game or as they put it “Willy Wonka meets the Matrix“. I’ve been meaning to pick this book up and now I don’t have to! This almost makes up for the lack of hippogriff.



Loot Crate February 2015 other guff

As for the rest of the crate, it comes with the usual theme based pin and magazine. This months issue features a nicely done article about the value of playing co-op games with the ones you’re close to, a nice little info-graphic on the evolution of game controllers and the usual fluff about the items in the box. Speaking of the box, it folds out into a ‘Crate Packing Simulator’ game that the Rock-Paper-Scissors dice are used for, I applaud your meta-humor, Loot Crate.

Plus (and since I nearly missed this) a special treat for the Browncoats out there that plan on signing up for the Firefly MMO, an exclusive premium ship! It appears to be an open code as well, so if anyone is interested let me know in the comments and I’ll post the info.


And that wraps up this months Loot Crate, and I can easily say it was another good one. Lots of value, lots of fun (even if it was sorely lacking in the hippogriff department,) really one of the best they have shipped.

The Loot Crate theme for March has been revealed and its all about Spies and spy things! COVERT promises to be jam-packed with items inspired by ‘secret agents, femme fatales, power-hungry madmen, and their really cool gadgets.’ Looters will receive exclusives like a prop replica from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, something from Orphan Black, and yes next month there will be an all new t-shirt.

Want in on this? Of course you do.
To subscribe for your very own Loot Crate click on the picture of not-James Bond and Agent Closeson below.

Loot Crate March Theme


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