Jared Leto Considering Big Personal Change to Play Joker


Look at that picture above. Seeing Jared Leto all regal and serene with his long brunette hair, joking comparisons to the traditional image of Jesus Christ are going to happen. You know who has almost nothing in common with Jesus? The Joker. They both have names that start with a ‘J’ and some would argue that they’re both fictional (Hey, I’ve seen the Joker numerous times at comic conventions!), but that’s about it. So one of the questions before Leto in taking up the role of the iconic Batman villain in Suicide Squad is whether or not Leto would cut his lovely hair to play the Clown Prince of Crime? Do we have an answer now? (This may be a slow news day.)

Courtesy of the Twitter feed of Suicide Squad director David Ayer comes this tease:

First of all: Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Just kidding, I don’t care. But secondly, how do we know that this is *the* Jared Leto? We don’t see this guy’s face! But having said that, not so fast, Jared Leto! I’m not sure what exactly that Ayer has planned for the Joker, but there is precedent for Joker having a ponytail, as he did during the “Knightquest” storyline in the 90s.


Of course, everyone had a ponytail in the 90s: Superman, Nightwing, “Wolverine” from WildC.A.T.s (who I’m told is called Warblade). But if the most you can now know about the Joker is Suicide Squad is that he’s going to be ponytail-less, you can now add this chestnut to the character description:

Interesting. So what can we read into this? The definition of “majestic” is “having or showing impressive beauty or dignity,” and how that might apply to the Joker is not immediately apparent. Perhaps, it implies that the Joker will be occupying a royal seat in the Squad, an honored place amongst the cast of criminals that puts the emphasis on the “Prince” in the Clown Prince of Crime. Maybe that explains the casting of Leto, a man who’s subconsciously evoked the King of Kings the last couple of years…

Suicide Squad will be in theaters everywhere on August 5, 2016.

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