Rescued from cancellation by Yahoo! last spring, Community may yet realize its implied promise of six seasons and a movie. This despite the fact that it’s lost almost half the original cast (Yvette Nicole Brown departed in the off-season to deal with family issues), but with a majority of the cast remaining, and some new recruits coming onboard, Greendale will now live on, on the internet, as it should be (I guess). It was a big gamble to get recruited by Yahoo, and a big gamble for Yahoo to enter the getting-more-crowded original content game, and with the premiere of Community coming very, very soon now, it seems that the show is doubling down on fan interest by evoking another new “Age.”

According to the official Community Twitter page, the trailer will drop sometime today, and signalling…

What’s the initial reaction? Hopefully, this scene with Abed and Annie isn’t an indication.

Although Community has shown itself more than open to spoofing and satire of the big (and little) luminaries of popular culture, I somehow don’t think Jeff and the gang are going to be fighting a sentient robot with an inferiority complex. What we do know is that season six will have new characters played by old favorites, Paget Brewster and Keith David, who will be joining the fun along with remaining cast members Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, and Jim Rash.

It will be interesting to see what Community will look like on Yahoo! Certainly, it will have a more limited budget, and a small group of familiar players (although rumors suggest that Pierce Hawthorne’s death has been greatly exaggerated), but what the show will look like when it launches later this month is still unknown. Season five was such an amazing departure while still fitting in comfortably into the Community mold thanks to the return of showrunner Dan Harmon. The story with the old study group trying to save Greendale was wonderfully self-contained, but where now can the show go with its pivotal sixth season? We should get a hint later today.

Community season six begins on March 17th, 2015 on Yahoo!

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