Listen up you Kings and Queens of Simulated Rock & Roll. It would seem that it’s time to head to the landfill, or at least the basement, and collect the plastic weapons of rock you so long ago disposed of, Harmonix and Mad Catz have announced that they are bringing the dormant Rock Band franchise back from the dead. Promising that they won’t milk the franchise to death with a billion annual sequels and one-offs this time around, Harmonix intends to release Rock Band 4 as the singular entry in this console generation, calling it a new platform for their interactive music experience.

The announcement also comes with the news of a teaming with gaming peripheral giant Mad Catz, who will more than likely be exclusively manufacturing the game’s expansive set of plastic instruments, which appear to be modeled after the previous sets. It’s a little disappointing since the Rock Band guitar in particular was always quite stiff, but at least we know that we’ll be pissing off our family and neighbors with their excellent, irritatingly loud drum controller.
Despite this new partnership, Harmonix also intends to allow gamers to use their previously purchased instruments with their new game, along with allowing you to bring the entirety of your previously downloaded song library with you at no cost. It will of course be limited by platform, but it’s great to know that they’re not intending to abandon the songs and gear that players bought in the past.

To wet your appetites for more Rock Band shenanigans, tale a look at this behind the scenes video prepared for the announcement:

As much as I’m quite over the simulated rock and roll genre, it’s great to see Rock Band making a return. It was a great deal of fun to play and, with any luck, could help to inspire the next generation of great musicians to pick up their instrument of choice. With such a robust backlog of tracks to play and a sure bet on a great on-disc soundtrack, it just might be worth taking another look.

What do you think? Are you ready to take another tour with Rock Band? Do you think the franchise should have stayed in the grave? Sound off in the comments below.

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