Does This Describe The Next ‘Star Wars’ Trailer?

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It consisted of seven shots and was only a minute-and-a-half long, but the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was one of the biggest videos to hit the web last year. Given that it’s already been seen hundreds of millions of times, you can only imagine what kind of business the next trailer will do, especially if it features a more substantial look at the plot and characters, particularly the returning cast of the original Star Wars trilogy. Well, for your reading and spoiling pleasure below, you can now enjoy what sounds like the new trailer description for the second look at The Force Awakens, as the year that broke nerdom marches on.

Latino Review, who has been at the forefront with a lot of news regarding The Force Awakens, contributed the description of what the trailer may contain. Admittedly, the site said, this may be a rough cut, or some kind of special footage being put together for Star Wars Celebration next month, but they are emphatic that this is what the trailer will probably look like when it’s finally released for mass consumption in the weeks to come.

It begins with Lupita N’yongo‘s character who Latino Review said people in the know call “Rose.” It’s her voice-over that guides us into the second trailer:

“I shall show you the story…” she says revealing what looks like, “Puzzlewood forest. Or a forest at least, with a large castle structure.”

“Of who you seek…” We now cut to “A city in a tropical location, maybe close to the water, this is where we theorize our two heroes of a New Force Age find ‘Rose’ and hear the story about the strange object that they brought to her.” The two young heroes, of course, being Finn (John Boyega) and Rey (Daisy Ridley).

“The one who taught me…” The scene now moves to “A cloaked figure from behind standing atop a mountain/hill on Skelling Michael Island.” According to LR, this is exactly who you think it is, the first look at one of the original trilogy stars.


“I know why the weapon came to you.” The weapon being the often discussed lightsaber. At this point, we’re taken to a darkened cave where we see N’yongo as “a small blueish alien with a CG face.” Boyega’s Finn takes the lightsaber and turns it on revealing a green blade. “Behind him, Daisy Ridley’s Rey looks disturbed at this turn of events.”

After that, we strike up the band and John WilliamsStar Wars theme blasts as we quickly cut between a number of shorter scenes:

As the score picks up, we see elder Han Solo wearing a long brown duster and looking past the camera. Totally recognizably Solo.

A black TIE Fighter attacking the forest location we saw earlier – this is probably the attack on “Rose” and out heroes that ends our info dump about Luke’s past.

Kylo Ren from a point of view shot approaching someone on the ground. His mask is dark with silver accents, the Darth Reven influence is very much there, some people who leaked accurate pictures are totally gonna get sued by Lucasfilm. Excalisaber, the cross-guard saber is ignited.

People running in tropical/maybe-by-the-water city seen earlier, as it’s under attack by at least the black TIE fighter.

R2-D2 makes a forlorn beep, we think this might be as he watches Luke abandon the politics of the universe in favor of exile.

C-3PO and Princess Leia in what looks like a base command center, the interior of the Rebel Base sets that everyone was taking drone photos of.

Now the voice-over switches to what sounds like the Andy Serkis character we heard in the first trailer. “Don’t get too sentimental,” he says before we cut to:

As we’re being spoken too, we see Han looking at Leia and then walking away from her towards the Falcon with Chewbacca. This is a fateful moment for the couple.

We then cut back to that snowy forest where we first see Kylo Ren in the first trailer. Apparently, this is the climax of the film as Finn looks like he’s about to face off in a lightsaber fight against Ren, protecting Rey. As the $#!% looks about ready to go down we hear Han Solo say, “You can do this kid, I believe in you.”


And if by this point you’re not already stoked, the final shot is of the previously mentioned hooded figure looking up to reveal the face of… Luke Skywalker! Boom. Cut to the title card.

So now you’re wondering when you’ll get a chance to see this in living color. Celebration takes place on the weekend of April 17-19, so anytime afterwards might be a good guess. Speculation has been that the trailer will bow with the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, but it’s also possible it may be leaked before hand. Whenever it hits though, we’ll have it for you here on Nerd Bastards.

Here’s the first trailer in case you’ve forgotten.

The movie itself will be in theaters on December 18.

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