‘Gotham’ Casts Young Lucius Fox: Chris Chalk


Gotham continues to grow, filling the Batman Universe with villains and supporting characters. This time around show-runner Bruno Heller has cast Chris Chalk (12 Years a Slave) in the role of the tech savvy Lucius Fox, Wayne Enterprises eventual CEO and the man who helps Bruce gather all those wonderful Batman toys.


The other key role that Lucius Fox, portrayed by Morgan Freeman in the Dark Knight Trilogy, plays in the life of Bruce Wayne and Batman is as their moral compass. Fox believes strongly in Bruce’s father Thomas Wayne’s legacy of philanthropy and honest business dealings.

How Gotham‘s Fox will be introduced is still unclear, but I imagine it might mirror the scene from Batman: Haunted Knight, where a young Bruce saves Fox from some muggers. Perhaps he’ll then learn that Fox already works at Wayne Enterprises, and enlist his help in rooting out the corruption and illegal activities currently going on at Wayne Enterprises.

What do you think of this casting?
Via: Deadline

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