TRON 3. No, wait! Don’t run away! Look, I think many us might concede that TRON: Legacy was a bit of a disappointment; 18 years of hype will do that. You may recall that at the time there were all these great expectations about TRON becoming Disney‘s next great franchise: movie trilogies, animated series, theme park rides, video games and merch, merch more. However, that’s not how it all turned out, and since those early days following TRON: Legacy‘s release in December 2010, the idea of a third TRON has been more or less speculative as opposed to being something in actual development. But is that about to change? Film location insiders in Vancouver are saying, it might be.

Behold: An unofficial confirmation via Twitter:

That follows up on a report from VanCityBuzz that even dropped the very specific date of October 2nd as the start of production on TRON 3 in Vancouver at the Canadian Motion Picture Park in Burnaby, where interiors will be filmed, with additional filming to take place at locations across the city. You may recall that TRON: Legacy was filmed in Vancouver, so the idea that the production of the next sequel will return there makes sense.

In another interesting tidbit, the only piece of casting we know so far is that Garrett Hedlund will return as Sam Flynn, son of computer whiz and businessman Kevin Flynn played by Jeff Bridges. No word yet if Bridges might come back in some capacity. Or Olivia Wilde, who most people thought was the best part of Legacy. Even TRON himself, Bruce Boxleitner, is a question mark at the moment. The big casting news could be whether or not they have Cillian Murphy back for the sequel, since he was introduced as the son of David Warner‘s villain from the original TRON and has thus already found himself primed to be the big bad in any sequel. As for who will be behind the camera, TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is supposed to have the duty.

Keep in mind, none of this is official. It doesn’t come from Disney, so who knows how much, if any of it, is true.

Adding fuel to the sequel speculation, though from outside the Vancouver film community, is a report in Pitchfork that says that legendary music producer Giorgio Moroder is working with Skrillex on the soundtrack for a new TRON video game. “I’m going to meet Skrillex next week when I’m back. I’m doing the music for a game for Disney’s Tron,” he told the website. “We have about five themes, electronic stuff and let’s see if he’s interested in remixing or re-working one of the songs.”

Interesting… So is Disney working on a stand-alone TRON game, or will this be tying into the new TRON movie? I suppose the former could be possible, but taken in concert with reports of a film being made I’d say it’s six of one, half-dozen of the other in terms of chances that we see a new TRON game, or both a new TRON game and movie. Time will tell.

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