We Here at RadioBastard Labs know that you, the discerning podcast listener, demand nothing but the latest in podcast innovations. That’s why Jeremy and Jason are happy to announce the all new #RapidReport! All the pop-culture news in half the time with a quarter of the humor. We also know you still want plain ol’fashion nerd news headlines, so we still do those too.

This week, we’re all over:

— Rest in peace Harrison Ford (we know he is fine, but we also know he enjoys a nice relaxing nap from time to time. Take five, buddy, you’ve earned it)

— TURTLE WARS, may the best adolescent Asian assassin inspired Luchadors win

— Wanna party with Robert Downey Jr.? YOU CAN! Wanna watch eleven Marvel movies in a row with 100 random strangers? YOU CAN!

-When WB/DC says they’re movies are darker and grittier, maybe they are just talking about their choice in Instagram filters?

Michelle Rodriguez stands up for white men in tights everywhere. FIGHT THE (super)POWERS THAT BE!

— Want to see Sly Stallone‘s Expendables on the small screen? OK… well they might be headed there anyway and Jason has the inside line on the who (won’t be) on the show.

— And then on #TACOTALK… Taco Bell wants to put the Cap’n’s sweet cream filled balls in your mouth, the Arizona Diamondbacks are meddling in gods domain by crossing a Churro with a chihuahua (or a hot dog… we didn’t really get past the picture in the article.) And lastly mullet and mustachioed music duo, Hall & Oates, want you to know they have nothing to do with granola. Legally.

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