Not just a big box office performer, but Academy Award-winning too, Big Hero 6 was a huge win for the folks at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Disney, as a company, is no stranger to animation domination, but this is the second year in a row where they’ve had a huge international smash hit that was also critically well-received and further lavished with the most prestigious movie trophy in Hollywood. So keeping all that in mind, Disney would have to be crazy not to green light a sequel to Big Hero 6, right? After all, all the live-action comic book adaptations are getting more than one. Well, according to one of the voice actors on the original Hero, there are rumblings…

While talking to the folks over at Screen Rant, actress Genesis Rodriguez, who played the heroic Honey Lemon in Big Hero 6, briefly mentioned the possibility when asked if she had heard anything about a potential sequel. “There’s rumblings of something else happening,” she said. “I mean yesterday I just saw that it’s the third most grossing Disney animated feature, so this is huge for them. I doubt that they wouldn’t want to do another one. It was a huge success.”

As a wise man once said, “Cash equals good.”

“Well, it’s a comic book, so they have so many,” Rodriguez continued. “It’s a Marvel franchise that Disney adapted. Just like comic books, you could make it a complete different story and the superheroes reunited to attack someone else. So it’s a perfect little setup they got for a sequel if they wanted to.”

In the exchange, Rodriguez mentioned a Frozen sequel, which would be another “Cash equals good” payday for Disney, but there’s nothing about one in the pipe right now. Likely, Rodriguez meant the short Frozen Fever which will play in cinema’s prior to the new live-action Cinderella when it opens nationwide this weekend. Even getting the notion of a Frozen sequel out-of-the-way, I wouldn’t count on a Big Hero 6 sequel just yet. Remember that other animated superhero movie released by Disney about 10 years ago? Yes, Pixar’s The Incredibles has long been the subject of potential sequelization, yet it’s never materialized.

Of course, The Incredibles was a product of one man, Brad Bird, while Big Hero 6 came from the proverbial Marvel/Disney machine. That machine runs on cash, so I’d bet a sizable amount that we’re more likely to see a Big Hero 6 continuation before an Incredibles one. That may not happen until 2017 at the earliest though, as Disney has two other animated films in the pipe for release in 2016, the animals as people flick Zootopia and the rooted in Polynesian mythology story Moana.

Big Hero 6 is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Video on Demand.

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