2014 TCA Winter Press Tour - CBS/CW/Showtime Panels - Day 2

You remember the Conan the Barbarian movie, right? Not the horrible Jason Momoa flick from 2011 that is sometimes used by the CIA to torture prisoners into giving up information but the REAL Conan the Barbarian movie released back in 1982?  THAT movie was badass and starred The Austrian Oak himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in one of the most action packed movies that audiences had seen at that time.  The movie was a financial success that led to the badass sequel, Conan the Destroyer.  Since Arnold’s return to the big screen, fans of the Conan series have been clamoring for the next badass sequel that was promised to them a couple of years back: Legend of Conan.  Well, Conan-ites, your time has arrived.  According to its producers, Legend of Conan begins shooting this year.  


Arnold was on deck at the Arnold Classic and Sports Festival and TheArnoldFans was on hand to ask a few questions that definitely got some people excited.  After answering some questions about his upcoming projects, Arnold confirmed that Conan would follow his zombie drama, Maggie.  TAF reached out to the film’s producers, who echoed Arnold’s confirmation, and further went on to reveal that shooting would start this fall, after Arnold’s Terminator promotional tour has ended.

Speaking of Terminator, Arnold had some great information to share on his highly anticipated big screen return to form in Terminator Genisys:

“I got myself in shape and felt great, the way I looked in the movie. I think it’s going to be a great movie with great surprises, none of which you can see in the trailer, simply because of the visual FX… to recreate me from 1984, every single frame has to be recreated… and it’s quite a long scene. The idea is in 1984 when you see me walking across naked to those punks and say “Give me your clothes,”… now the scene changes. As I (the young Arnold) say “Give me your clothes,” suddenly you hear a voice behind me say “You won’t need them.” So the Terminator turns around to check out who is that, and all of a sudden he sees himself, which is me the way I look now, and I’m there with a shotgun, and I just blast away at him.  We’ll be having some great surprises about who is the ultimate villain that I have to fight, how I was reprogramed, and the time travel. You can’t travel through time when you have metal exposed, and my arm gets deteriorated… the flesh, because of some acid… so then my metal arm is exposed, therefore I cannot use the time machine.”

That’s a lot of info!  I have to admit, I am much more excited for Terminator than Conan but, hey, I have a thing for killer cyborgs from the future.

Conan 2

Arnold’s return to Hollywood after running the State of California as governor has been uneven, at best.  His brief appearance in the first Expendables brought cheers but quickly staled as the franchise moved forward, and The Last Stand was pretty boring, which is the last thing you want from an iconic action star.  I will admit that I enjoyed Escape Plan much more than many critics but can admit that even that movie had its flaws.  Having Arnold return to the franchises that his fans hold dear is a bold but smart move for the aging actor, and it certainly worked for Stallone.  Whether or not this return to his roots will be successful is still to be seen but I think we can all agree that no matter what happens with Terminator and Conan, he needs to stay as far away from Triplets as he possibly can.

Maggie opens later this month while Terminator Genisys opens in theaters July 1, 2015.

Which Arnold movie are you most excited for?  Do you think that returning to his old franchises is a smart move?


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