Which ever side of the Wonder Woman fence you find yourself, perhaps you think WW often severely lacks character and depth, has a bizarre and fundamentally flawed origin (she was made from clay or something), works with a silly selection of weaponry (bullet-stopping bracers and a lasso that makes men tell the truth), or think that her costume choice borders on the inappropriate, and is only that way to appeal to hormone engorged young boys, or men that haven’t grown out of that phase. To many others she is a pop culture icon worth celebrating.

At her core, Wonder Woman is a symbol of female strength, independence, and heroism. She is the original bad-ass super heroine. She was Xena, before Xena was cool!  She’s tough, honorable, and has a rich mythology that remains unexplored for most television and movie viewers. Oh yeah, and she’s incredibly graceful and wonderful to watch. Throw in that she’s associated with some of DC’s heaviest hitters, Batman, Superman, and The Green Lantern and you’ve got the core group that makes up the original Justice League.

Here she is, cosplayed by a myriad of ladies honoring the warrior to themyscira. The costume is iconic and very hard to pull off well, but these girls bring it to life.

Lead Photo –  Lady Lemon is Wonder Woman – Photo Credit  Photography Sans Frontieres

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