We are lucky to be living in an age of seeing incredible super heroes on the big screen do even more incredibly charitable and just-damn-cool things off-screen. Robert Downey Jr. is no stranger to stepping in to help kids and has really set a fine example that many other big screen super heroes like Chris Pratt and Chris Evans are following. This time around RDJ spent a special afternoon with seven-year old Alex, born with a partially developed right arm. RDJ was on hand to deliver a 3D-printed bionic limb developed by Albert Manero.


Manero is the founder of Limbitless Solutions, and has been working with Alex to create an affordable, fully functional 3D-printed prosthetic arm. When RDJ found out that Manero had created an Iron Man upgrade, he had to stop by and compare.

RDJ posted this video to his Facebook page just a few hours ago and it already has over 24 million likes:

That is pretty cool. My favorite part was the armored fist bump.


Downey joked that he would:

I’m probably going to start farming out a lot of my tech work to Albert, too. I feel like he could cut the price point down on one of my suits, which is right now, I don’t know, about a billion and a half dollars.

Just another example of RDJ’s philanthropic spirit and why we love him so much.

Via: Facebook

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