Bruce Campbell is the King, baby, and every chance he has to remind his legions of fans of this fact, he takes.  Fans are chomping at the bit to see the new Evil Dead television series, Ash vs. The Evil Dead, and for good reason!  The series will reunite Campbell with his long-time collaborator, director/writer Sam Raimi, and give fans more of the character that they fell in love with back in 1981 with the cult classic horror flick, The Evil Dead.  However, while speaking with Movieweb, Campbell just gave horror fans some news in which to sink our teeth.  It looks like Campbell is working on an Expendables-type horror flick.  Or dreaming about one.  Either way, this idea could have some potential.

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The idea of taking an Expendables approach to a horror flick began growing in Campbell’s head shortly after 2008’s super fun My Name is Bruce.  Campbell had come up with an idea for a sequel, Bruce vs. Frankenstein, which led to the idea for a super monster mashup.  When asked by Movieweb if BvF was still happening, Campbell replied:

Yeah! Never say never. I have a script that I’m working on that would pretty much be that. It’s not ready to share at this point. It’s in the pipeline I guess you could say. I’ve always wanted to do the Expendables of Horror type movie. Because I always run into all my horror buddies at conventions. It would be fun to do a movie that pretty much has all of them in it.

This idea has so much potential that it’s downright, well, scary.  However, is it likely?  If you follow Campbell (and why wouldn’t you?), you know that Campbell has made more than one statement that turned out to be less than accurate.  Remember the plan to cross the Evil Dead reboot with Ash? Or, how he’s be promising an Army of Darkness sequel for decades that was right around the corner?  Not just that but when the potential for a Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash flick, which is a pretty Expendables-type idea, was offered, Campbell and Raimi walked away when they found out that they wouldn’t have as much control over the script as they wanted.  It is possible that Campbell is referring to mashing the Universal monsters, since he had the idea while brainstorming BvF.  If so, then, it would be more of a tip to Monster Squad than it would be to Expendables, which may not be a great idea, considering the love for the original Monster Squad.

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There is little doubt that audiences would absolutely break the box office on this over opening weekend but if Freddy vs. Jason or Alien vs. Predator taught us anything, it’s that fans have particular tastes and we are hard to please, even when we get exactly what we asked for.  The more beloved characters that are added, the bigger the potential for a mess.  I would be the first in line to see a horror flick that included some horror icons, such as Chucky, Michael Myers, Pinhead, and the Pupper Master puppets, to name a few.  Hell, even Leatherface could join the party!  Considering the licensing nightmare that this would be, however, I won’t be holding my breath for this one.

Is this a project that you would be interested in seeing?  Who would be in your Expendables of Horror team?


Source: MovieWeb

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