Kevin Smith Teases a New Sequel Idea – ‘Mallrats 2’


Remember when Kevin Smith said that he had one movie left and he was quitting filmmaking? No, I don’t think he does either because all he talks about these days is all the new movies he has on the go. His proclamation about retiring came around the time of Red State‘s release in 2012, and since then he’s released Tusk, wrapped Yoga Hosers, and is prepping the much ballyhooed Clerks III. But is there room in Smith’s schedule for another journey back to the ViewAskewniverse? Perhaps there’s a certain group of shopping center irregulars who demand some attention 20 years after the fact? Yes, not so subtlety, Smith is talking about Mallrats 2.

From Smith’s Twitter feed comes this not so understated hint:

So we’re talking, what, late 2016 at the earliest? I assume that Smith also has to do pre and post-production on all these movies too. Clerks III has been the subject of much discussion on Smith’s end for the last couple of years, and Hit Somebody dates back to before Red State. Moose Jaws, meanwhile, seems to fit in with Smith’s trend towards Canadian-themed horror comedies, but this is this first we’ve heard of a second Mallrats.

The 1995 original is about a pair of slackers played Jason Lee and Jeremy London hanging out in the mall all-day talking about pop culture, bitching about their girlfriends and slamming the douchebag that works in the men’s clothing store. How you sequelize that, I’m not sure. It’s interesting to point out though that Lee’s character, Brodie, was seen in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back owning his own comic book store. Perhaps his store has moved into the mall, and perhaps the aforementioned men’s wear douche (played by pre-Batman Ben Affleck) has just gotten out of prison and is looking for revenge…

But wait, you say, didn’t Mallrats bomb when it came out in 1995? Yes, you’re right, but apparently there’s been enough of a turnaround in the last 20 years for someone, somewhere, to consider the possibility of a sequel. It’s worth noting though that even with new-found cult status behind a Mallrats 2, perhaps thanks in part to this being the film’s 20th anniversary, just because Smith wants to do a second Mallrats doesn’t mean that he will get to do a second Mallrats. Clerks III couldn’t even get funded by the Weinsteins, the guys that bought the first Clerks movie 21 years ago, so what chance does a Mallrats 2 have? I guess we’ll find out.

Until then, file this under “Smith, Kevin, Flights of Fancy.”

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