There are a million rumors about the upcoming live-action Suicide Squad flick swirling around the interwebz, but we’ve all been waiting for the answer to one question: “Where does Batman fit into all of this?” Well, brothers and sisters, the answer may be below. Warning: spoilers follow.


It seems that the Dark Knight in the new villain-centric film will be inspired by Frank Miller himself, and one of the greatest graphic novels of all time. Fans with a keen eye may have noticed the shortened ears and thick bat symbol that Affleck’s Batman is sporting, and how closely these resemble those of the older, darker Batsy in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.


Turns out, this isn’t just a neat design choice. Snyder is supposedly incorporating the semi-retired superhero in Dawn of Justice, and fans will be treated to the same grizzled warrior in Suicide Squad. He will be a foreboding harbinger, someone the government is keeping a trained and distrustful eye on. He will be a cameo role, seen mostly on CCTV footage, so don’t expect any epic battles. We’ll have to wait for Dawn of Justice for that.


He isn’t the only one being taken from the pages of the best-seller, though, as Jared Leto’s Joker may be the not-actually rehabilitated villain we see running rampant in Gotham. As always, he’s the one who knows the Batman the best, and he is who the Squad will come to for their intel on the Dark Knight. One wonders how well this will go, seeing as the Batman universe is very solidly built around the Joker being the perfect foil for our hero. If you tease us with shots of the two people we’ve come to love and respect the most, will we end up disappointed when they aren’t locked in competition?

Of course, the cast is strong enough to support itself, with the coolest members of the Rogue’s Gallery going balls-to-the-wall against drug lords and crime syndicates, all while under the control of the government. The comic ran for long enough that we all know the characters well and love the storyline, but Batman hasn’t been an integral part of the Suicide Squad. So will the feud between Gotham’s Protector and the Clown Prince of Crime end up being a detractor, or is this fan-service welcomed?

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