Smith Confirms That His ‘Mallrats 2’ Tease Is Legit


Normally when you say “I smell a rat,” that’s a bad thing. Of course, no one’s ever going to accuse Kevin Smith of doing the normal thing, or even doing what’s expected of him, or even on following through on his promises. Hey, remember when Smith was going to retire? No, neither does he, and he’s got a whole slate of movies on his plate to keep him busy through to the end of 2016. And then, last week, he teased about a new project. A sequel. Granted Smith’s been talking for long years about making Clerks III, but the new sequel idea he had was for another project, Mallrats. Now nearly 20 years after the fact, Smith confirmed, he’s ready to go back to the mall.

Remember this tweet?

Well, there’s was apparently some confusion as to how serious Smith was in dropping the hint. Evidently though, he was very serious, and in a new interview with Rock 102 KFMA, he said that not only does he have a “cool idea” for the sequel to his 1995 now cult classic, but he also has investors lined up ready to give him the capital to make it. I guess all he needed was the excitement of fans:

“It was crazy, people reacted to that and I saw people be like ‘Oh. Really?’ But there were a lot of people who were like ‘Holy crap, this is cool!’ So now, once again, there are people to disappoint, and I’m sure I will disappoint them, but right now it’s that wonderful period of like, ‘This could be excellent!’ Probably won’t be, but…”

Emphasis on the “could” in “This could be excellent.” Although Smith did manage to find an interesting way to continue the story of Dante and Randal in Clerks II, it will likely be somewhat more challenging to show Brodie and T.S. in the same context 20 years later. Who hangs out in the mall anymore? Does anyone even use the phrase “mallrats” outside of the context of the Kevin Smith movie anymore? I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but it will be interesting to see how it will be done. Of course, Smith still has post-production on Yoga Hosers, and production on Clerks III and Moose Jaws to get through, so it will be a couple of years before we find out if his idea really is “excellent.”

We’ll have more news on Mallrats 2 as it develops.

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