The Hoff Joins ‘Sharknado 3’


Are you a fan of the Sharknado series?  If not, you may as well turn away now.  I promise that there is likely nothing here that will add credibility to the SyFy Original Movie that reminded audiences how great terrible films can be, and this new announcement doesn’t indicate a change to form for the monster franchise.  For those that love the franchise, however, oh man, SyFy recently made a huge announcement that should get you pretty excited for the next sharktastic entry in the tale of Fin and Co.  According to the announcement, the The Hoff himself is set to join the cast of Sharknado 3.


David Hasslehoff is just the latest name to add to Sharknado 3’s roster.  According to the announcement, Hasslehoff will play Gilbert Sheperd, father to Ian Ziering’s Fin.  The Hoff’s brand of over-the-top acting is legendary and there is no doubt that his inclusion will fit in perfectly with the off the wall zaniness of the series’ premise.  In addition to Hasselhoff and returning actors Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, audiences will also be treated to the superior acting skills of Bo Derek as April’s (Tara Reid) mother, Mark Cuban in a role that he was born to play: President of the United States, Ann Coulter as his Vice President, Jerry Springer as a tourist, Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC fame as a lifeguard, and WWE’s Chris Jericho as the roller coaster ride operator.  Personally, I would not hold my breath for an Emmy here.

Sharknado defied all odds and managed to be a huge hit for SyFy.  Fans of old school cheesy horror flicks absolutely embraced the movie, which is to be expected, and their love somehow caused a snowball effect, picking up new fans with every tweet that proclaimed the awesomeness of the movie.  The sequel, appropriately titled Sharknado 2: The Second One, also managed to somehow pull in big numbers.  No one watches a Sharknado movie for anything but fun, so it is actually a bit refreshing to see the series do so well in a world full of armchair critics. Whether or not audiences are sick of the same schtick is yet to be seen but let’s hope that the movie manages to keep the fun going for one more round.

Sharknado 3 Syfy

Sharknado 3 hits the small screen in July on SyFy.

Are you excited to see The Hoff in action?  Are you still in for a third Sharknado or has that ship sailed?

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