‘Arrow’ Set to Introduce DC Comic’s Lazarus Pit


Magic is no stranger to the DC universe.  Alan Scott, Ali-Ka-Zoom, Artemis, even Atlan – supernatural elements have been included across the canon.  Recently DC has taken a turn with more modern titles like Batwoman, where Kate Kane tackles mystical plots in Gotham City.  Of course one plot stands omnipresent in both the Bat-Family, and now Team ArrowRa’s Al Ghul, the demon’s head, and his magical Lazarus Pit.

Recently Stephen Amell and Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim shared that this Wednesday’s episode of Arrow begin to explore the existence of magic in what might be a major shift in the shows direction.  Team Arrow gets the skinny on the supernatural elements of Ra’s Al Ghul (played by the creepily awesome Matt Nable) and his home in Nanda Parbat, most notably his Larazus Pit.  This may explain his monologue from a few weeks back on how he has lived so long.

“The world of magic fits really well into the world of Arrow” Guggenheim shares with THR.  “We’ve already seen superpowers on the show.  Once you’ve seen super powers, the occult and magic – that actually fits better in Arrow than superpowers.”  If Oliver Queen decides to take Ra’s up on his offer, could we see The Arrow make the move to Nanda Parbat?  Stephen Amell says “The League operates the way that Ra’s wants it to operate  – whoever Ra’s is.  So if you want them to stop killing, they stop killing.  Whether or not that’s true, remains to be seen.  I would say Ra’s in the beginning of episode 16, makes a pretty good sales pitch.”

So there you have it.  Arrow is embracing magic and lore, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Many critics have cited The Flash as being more ‘four-color-comicy’ and a place where metahumans can run rampant.  That doesn’t always translate well to a show more known for its dark undertones like Arrow.  Something a bit more otherworldly, even scary, might keep viewers more inline with what we’ve come to expect from ‘Oli and the gang.  Besides, rumor has it Detective Lance (Paul Blackthorne from SyFy’s The Dresden Files) finally learns Oliver’s secret so at least they’ll have backup from Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden if things go south!

This Lazarus Pit might also play into how we’ll see Caity Lotz on that Superhero Team Up show being pitched for next year’s CW lineup with The Atom and Firestorm.  That’s right nerds, we’re placing our bets that The Canary gets Lazarus’d by seasons end!  Really though, who knows?  The upshot is that Greg Berlanti has yet to let us down, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Arrow returns to the CW Wednesday, March 18th at 8PM / 7 C

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