Has The Crow Found Its Shelly On Downton Abbey?


Eric Draven may have come back from the dead but he is far from a zombie.  The character at the heart of the James O’Barr classic comic book series The Crow is smart, cunning, ruthless and utterly insane, but he is definitely not a zombie.  Yet, like a close friend that has come back from the dead during a zombie apocalypse that no one is willing to put down, the Crow reboot keeps shuffling forward.  We recently announced that Jack Huston is the latest actor to be rumored to take on the iconic role of Draven in the upcoming adaptation and now we have word that another television actor will be joining the cast.  If James O’Barr is to be believed, it appears that Downton Abbey’s Jessica Brown Findlay will be playing Shelly to Huston’s Eric.

Brown Findlay interview

During his panel at the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention, O’Barr dropped a couple of tidbits of information that he hoped will get people excited for the upcoming “reimagining” of The Crow. The Houston announcement was one of those tidbits.  Another was his casual mentioning that his first choice for Shelly (Eric Draven’s fiancé that was brutally and tragically murdered), actress Jessica Brown Findlay, has been cast in the role.  While he seemed a bit confident in dropping the information, O’Barr was sure to note that nothing has been signed, as of yet, so this could change at any moment.

O’Barr didn’t just limit his Crow teases to the actors that will be replacing Brandon Lee and Sophia Shinas in the new film.  He also had a few other pieces of information that he wanted to share.  For starters, Joy Division, whose “Dead Souls” was covered by Nine Inch Nails in the first film, will be featured on the soundtrack for the reboot.  Of course, the original Crow soundtrack was the stuff that dreams are made of, so while Joy Division is definitely a step in the right direction, it’s going to be tough to match the awesomeness of the 1994 soundtrack.

Fans of the original material will be happy to know that the crow, which represents Draven’s shattered psyche, will be present through the film and will speak to Draven, just has he does in the pages of O’Barr’s comics, and will possibly be presented in stop motion.

Finally, O’Barr explained that he is hoping that the new movie launches an entire franchise that will include other characters and stories, rather than just rehashing the same story over and over, which was basically the model for the original Crow sequels.  The coolest part of this is that if the reboot does launch a whole new franchise, fans may be getting a female, Joan Jett-like lead in the Crow make-up for the sequel.  Personally, I think they should scrap the reboot altogether and go with the female led movie now but, hey, I’m just a fan who has been following the comic book series since I was in junior high, suffered through the sequels, and argues that The Crow is the most romantic story ever told with anyone who says differently. So, what do I know?

If you want to hear what O’Barr had to say right from the horse’s crow’s mouth, here is some video for you!

The Crow has been a notoriously hard film to bring to the screen.  The original production was so full of unexpected complications and delays that many believed that the set was haunted.  The most tragic of these delays, of course, was the accidental shooting and subsequent death of the film’s star, Brandon Lee.  The Crow reboot hasn’t shot a single frame yet but so far, it has had issues in casting, direction, and even story.  When listening to O’Barr, it is easy to see his passion and hope for the project and it really is contagious.  If fans get the movie that O’Barr was pitched (a straight page-by-page adaptation of his graphic novel), chances are the movie will be absolutely batshit crazy and wonderful.  If not, well, hopefully it’s better than Edward Furlong in the make-up.

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Are you excited for the Crow reboot?  Do you think they should call it quits and leave the 1994 film to stand on its own?

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