33 Marvel Titles to Be Casualties of ‘Secret Wars’


This spring, Marvel is clearing house. Figuratively and literally. Of course the Marvel we’re specifically referring to here is the comic book version of the superhero universe. As previously reported, an event called Secret Wars is about to get underway, effectively ending the Marvel Universes as we know them and creating something new in a New 52-style re-start. Naturally, that means some of the books, including some of the ones you may collect monthly, are about to be cancelled, and in a new interview Marvel’s SVP of Sales & Marketing listed nearly three dozen titles that will be coming to end at the start of Secret Wars.

Make a note, because if you subscribe to one of these titles, you’re going to have to squeeze as much enjoyment out of them as you can these next few months:

All-New Captain America
All-New Ghost Rider
All-New X-Men
Amazing Spider-Man
Amazing X-Men
Angela: Asgard’s Assassin
Avengers World
Captain Marvel
Fantastic Four
Guardians 3000
Guardians of the Galaxy
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon
Legendary Star-Lord
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man
New Avengers
Rocket Raccoon
Secret Avengers
Spider-Man & The X-Men
Spider-Man 2099
Superior Iron Man
Uncanny X-Men

But lest you think this is a blanket cancellation, a bunch of titles merely rounded up to have the plug pulled on them together, not so fast, says Marvel. According to David Gabriel, the aforementioned SVP of Sales & Marketing at the publisher, while talking to ComicBook.com, these titles are ending on the creators’ own terms:

Now in a perfect world, we’d have stopped every book with its April issue, putting out a nice clean May Previews catalog. Everyone would have seen upfront all those titles that had their finale, and all those titles that were starting fresh. But things don’t always go so easily.

Instead we gave our creators the option to end their stories the way they wanted to; we let them tell “Last Days” stories if they wanted to; we let them tell Secret Wars stories if they wanted to. So in the end Secret Wars truly has been a creative driven process.

No details have been released yet in terms of what the comic book adventures of the Marvel Universe characters is going to look like post-Secret Wars, but it will likely be some combination of the regular Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe mixed together with some new stuff that will likely be heavily informed by what the movie universe looks like. We’ll likely get some hints about that once the Secret Wars get underway.

Secret Wars begins this May with a special issue being released on Free Comic Book Day, May 2.

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