Yesterday we saw some new footage of the live action Attack On Titan movie from studio Toho on a Japanese television show. Today the first trailer hit the Internet along with a bunch of character posters. What we’ve seen so far looks awesome and this trailer keeps that trend going.Here’s the new character posters:

Here’s the trailer:

For those of us that don’t speak or understand Japanese here’s the translation of the narration, text, and characters:

Over one hundred years ago… Half of humanity was eaten by the titans that suddenly appeared… The humanity that remained created a giant wall, and lived peacefully.

Text: Anticipated by the whole world!!

Text: Live-action film green-lit!

Mikasa: The world is cruel…

Eren: If we mess up, that’s the end for humanity.

Title: Attack on Titan

Text: The attack begins on August 1!

The trailer is more of a teaser than a full trailer so we might be getting another, fuller trailer later tonight or over the weekend. Are you excited to see this popular Manga get the live action treatment?

This is only the first part, because the movie has been split into two parts, one premieres August 1st and the second on September 19th. Of course those of us in the States will have to wait or pirate a copy off the Internet.


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