Few characters in the expansive DC pantheon have had as many designs as Harley Quinn. She was originally created as a throwaway henchman for Batman: The Animated Series, but Paul Dini adored her so much she became a mainstay, eventually working her way into comics and Rocksteady’s Arkham video games. Over the years, she has had costume after costume, ranging from the sleek to the slutty, and we finally have details on her outfit for the very first live-action appearance on the big screen.


For a while now, nerds have had their elven (or Vulcan) ears out for any detail on what Margot Robbie‘s portrayal of Harleen Quinzel will look like in the upcoming Suicide Squad project, and we may finally have the answer for you. Via El Mayimbe from Latino Review:

“All about Margot Robbie’s #HARLEYQUINN! Got a lot of requests about her so here is what I’m told. Harley Quinn has a few looks throughout the film. Going from traditional with the animated series as a reference to prison attire & in one sequence where they infiltrate a club she [wears] a dress. Get this, her & Joker’s pet Hyena’s are in the film briefly. Apparently, Harley with the hyena’s are a big motif. Figured fans of #BATMAN:TAS would get a kick out of this one.”

Fans were really hoping for the classic duel-color jumpsuit, so this comes as a welcomed surprise. The outfit seems like it may not translate well to live-action, but seeing as it’s put into the film as a reference, it might not need to. No doubt they’ll likely go with a darker, more combat-centric outfit for the majority of the film, so it may be inspired by her leather outfits in the Arkham video games, or possibly be closer to her comic-book portrayal. However, if they shoot for a PG-13 rating, it may be difficult with the way she’s currently styled, since she shows a lot of skin. Plus, a lot of fans never fully got on-board with her New 52 style, feeling it takes some of the dignity away from the character. She someone who isn’t afraid to be in the middle of a firefight, so she may need some substantial armor for actual protection, especially since she’ll be on suicide missions for the government. Honestly, though this helps piece together a little of the puzzle, much is left to speculation. Fans seem very confident in the project though, save for the casting of Will Smith as Deadshot, and they enjoy the idea of Margot Robbie playing the Psychiatrist-Turned-Criminal. All in all, no matter how this goes…we’re getting the hyenas. So in a way, with these adorable, ferociously evil bastards, we all win.


I mean, look at that fucker. Isn’t cuddliness what really matters?

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