You may or may not have heard about this thing called Secret Wars. It’s the latest Marvel Comics event miniseries that kicks off in the next couple of months, and promises – You guess it! – to change things in the Marvel Universe forever. Not content to promote the heck out of Secret Wars and all its ancillary tie-ins, spin-offs and one-shots, Marvel Comics now wants to tease us with the aftermath, and it begins with another thrilling game of guessing who’s now an Avenger. Marvel passed around the below graphic this morning featuring the mostly silhouetted team, with two new team members already confirmed. So who will now stand with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

When we last reported a change in the Avengers line-up last fall, it featured such heroes such as new Captain America Sam Wilson, the Superior Iron Man, the female Thor, Deathlok, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, the Winter Solider and the Inhumans’ Queen Medusa. The new tease from Marvel today suggests that at lease one of those heroes will keep their place, Thor, and she will be joined by Miss Marvel Kamala Khan. Check out the below image:


So who else could be on the team? Well the big silhouette in the middle with the wings and shield is pretty obviously Sam Wilson, as flying seems to be a pretty big theme amongst the new team. The one on the left seems to be very Iron Man shaped, and you can’t really have an Avengers team without Iron Man. Or maybe War Machine.

The Vision may be another one of the unknown heroes, which would make sense if they want to piggyback on his introduction in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The image in the front middle definitely makes one think of Spider-Man, but which Spider-Man? Will Peter Parker or Miles Morales now be an Avenger? Perhaps Miss Marvel is a clue because Miles is about her age so it would be nice if she had someone she could relate too…

Whoever this new line-up includes, all will be revealed in a few short weeks when fans can get their hands on the comic book that the above image is the cover for. The All-New, All-Different Avengers will be available on Free Comic Book Day, May 2.

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