After years in development hell, the new series based on the DC Comics/Vertigo title Preacher seems to be really coming together. Under the auspices of the cable channel AMC and executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the casting process for the series has been going full-force the last week, and now another important piece of the acting puzzle’s been filled. When Jesse Custer departs on his trip across America to find God next year, he will have the assistance of one of the most important characters from the Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon graphic novel. Hint: he drinks blood. At least when he’s not drinking alcohol.

According to Deadline, Joseph Gilgun of Misfits and This is England! fame (he also had roles in the sci-fi film Lockout and the drama Harry Brown), will next tackle the role of Cassidy, a 100-year-old vampire and wingman of the titular preacher, Jess Custer, in the series. In the comic book, Cassidy is kind of reckless and thoughtless, and his major character arc over the course of Preacher is to learn to take responsibility for his actions and stop running from his mistakes. It seems like the TV version of the character is going to capture some of that, but it might end up lacking the pathos. Here’s TV Cassidy as described by Deadline:

…the most wild-ass, bestest “bro” you’d ever want to meet. He may be 100 years dead but no one’s more boisterously alive than Proinsias Cassidy. An incorrigible mischief-maker, Cassidy’s up for anything — joyriding, bungee-jumping, bank robbing, peyote dropping. He’s also a relentless conversationalist with opinions on everything from religion to politics to pop culture to theories on why people are better able to tolerate the odor of their own flatulence.

Yeah, I don’t like that reference to “bestest ‘bro'” in there, but maybe that’s just casting speak for Cassidy being laid back, and no-frills. (No, we don’t want a Spicoli Cassidy, but thanks.)


Casting on Preacher seems be slowly but surely coming together with two of the three main characters now with actors placed including the previously announced Ruth Negga as the female lead Tulip. Ian Colletti has also been hired as the young disfigured idealist Arseface, which leaves at least a couple of pivotal roles unfulfilled including the title role, although Dominic Cooper is said to be close to, or in the process of, signing a deal to star in the series. The Saint of Killers and the villainous Herr Starr have also yet to be cast.

Preacher is expected to air on AMC sometime next year.

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