There’s been no shortage of acting talent across the nearly 50 year history of the Star Trek franchise, and the rebooted Star Trek movie series has been no exception. After Eric Bana took on the Romulan Nero in 2009’s Star Trek, and Benedict Cumberbatch stepped into the role of the genetically enhanced John Harrison Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, it looks like Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise will face their most fearsome foe yet in the upcoming Star Trek 3 directed by Justin Lin. Although the villains in the two J.J. Abrams‘ films haven’t been their strongest components, you’re going to be keeping your fingers crossed when the Summer of 2016 rolls around, and Idris Elba makes his Trek debut.

The British actor is no stranger to playing the bad guy (The Wire, No Good Deed, The Losers), and he’s no stranger to science fiction (Thor, Prometheus, Pacific Rim), so all said and told he’s got all the training he needs to haunt the final frontier as Trek’s latest big bad. According to Variety, Elba’s involvement isn’t yet a done deal, but he is in negotiations to take on the role. Just don’t ask the name of the villain he’ll be playing.

Details of Elba’s role are keeping kept under wraps. Early rumors suggest that Klingons would be the main villains in this movie, as they have not had a full presence in previous installments, but sources would not confirm if that was the case.

Secrecy has always been a hallmark of the Abrams’ Trek films, sometimes to their detriment. Elba as a Klingon though is something that, I think, would be really awesome to see, as many great actors have suited up as the aliens over the years including Christopher Lloyd, David Warner, Christopher Plummer, Tony Todd and Victor Garber (check out the deleted scenes on Star Trek). Perhaps Elba will play Kor from the Original Series episode “Errand of Mercy,” or maybe he’ll play Koloth who was the antagonist in the classic “Trouble with Tribbles.” Or maybe he’ll be Harry Mudd, who knows?


So how’s the screenwriting going? Collider asked Scotty and script-writer Simon Pegg that question, and he said:

Come hell or high water [I’ll be done in], June. I’m busy writing it. It’s an ongoing thing. I’m sure we’ll be finessing it, right through the shoot. You never really, truly start writing a movie until the edit. There’s a whole new lexicon that you’re confronted with, when you’ve shot the movie, which is the visual language that you don’t have on the page. And then, you start to realize, “Hang on, we don’t need that speech because that look says it all.” So, it will be an ongoing thing, right until next year.

Star Trek 3 begins shooting later this year for a 2016 release, just in time for Trek’s 50th anniversary.

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