‘X-MEN: Apocalypse’ Casts Lana Condor As Jubilee


Director Bryan Singer dropped the bomb that at least three people have been waiting to hear, that we’ll see Jubilation Lee in the upcoming sequel to X-Men: Days of Future Past, titled X-Men: Apocalypse played by newcomer Lana Condor!  No word yet on whether she’ll be a principal cast member, or just shooting stuff in the background with her laser pop rocks in full Anime form.  Of course given that production starts next month, we’re guessing she is probably going to be Sophie Turner’s roommate or something.  Check it out, nerds – we’re going to do something very few news outlets have tried in the past, we are going to defend Jubilee.

I’d officially like to welcome our newest mutant #JubilationLee, #Jubilee @LanaCondor to #XMEN #Apocalypse

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Fact one about Jubilation Lee that most hard-core comic nerds can get behind is that she’s a positive representation of a young woman of color.  Now many of you might write that off, but at the time of her first publication in Uncanny X-Men #244 in 1989, really all we had going for us was Storm and the post-colonial nightmare that is Psylocke.  Jubilee was a young American girl of Chinese descent living Southern California and said shit like “tubular” and “radical” and was basically the Dawn Summers for the X-Men; someone they constantly had to save from the big bad, but was a surrogate for the audience at times, speaking to the oddities of some of Chris Claremont’s more random plots like the Shi’ar, and the Shadow King (to name of a few).  This was super useful in 1989.

Fact two about Jubilation Lee is her close relationship with Wolverine, a sort of surrogate father for the young orphan like totally oh my god.  A lot of hard-core comic fans were really put off by the earlier Singer X-Men films portraying Rogue in a close relationship with Wolverine, mostly because it was through that relationship in the comics that we saw growth from Jubilee.  Her relationship with Wolverine helped us get past her candy-shell exterior to learn about this damaged young girl who finds solace in a kindred spirit named Logan.  It was also really funny to see her emulate elements of his personality, like the pretend-smoking-cigars bit, or their skeptical sneers on a few more memorable covers.  Whatever Rogue, you had to steal that too!

Fact three about Jubilation Lee is her resilience over the years despite horrible, horrible writing.  She’s been a mutant, she’s been a de-powered human, she’s used a super-human exo-suit to fight crime, was re-powered, and most recently turned into a vampire.  If there were ever a time for one of those famous retcon’s it’d be with Jubilee, but alas she isn’t so lucky.  Yet despite a few different crappy story lines, she’s proven to be compelling to audiences especially in the most recent comic run of X-Men (2013) that see’s the first all-female line-up of Professor X’s infamous academy.  She has a standout role on the team, especially with her relationship to Shogo and Storm.

We’re excited to see what Ms. Condor brings to the film adaptation!  You have our support, now Gods speed (that was an Apocalypse joke)!

X-Men: Apocalypse is scheduled to be released on May 27th, 2016.

Of course there’s that time Professor X fired Jubilee…

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