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It’s hard to forget the original Alien Nation.  Not only was the movie a brilliant commentary on discrimination, set in the future of 1991, but it was a hell of a crime drama, and even won the Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film of 1998.  The movie went on to spawn a television series, several tv movies, books, and a comic book series. Well, as we all know, Hollywood banks on nostalgia more than creativity, so it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Alien Nation is heading back to the screen, via a 20th Century Fox reboot.

Alien Nation 3

THR is reporting that two of the Iron Man scribes, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, will be writing a script for the reboot but little else is known at this point, other than the story will likely focus on the alien race (Newcomers) landing on Earth.  The original film picks up 3 years after the landing and followed a human police detective, played by James Caan, who has to set aside his prejudices when he is assigned a Newcomer partner, Sam Francisco (Mandy Patinkin).  While there is definitely a sci-fi element to the tale, at its heart it is a gritty crime drama that didn’t give audiences a glitzy, glamourous look of the future. It was far from the dystopian stories that have run rampant throughout Hollywood for the past few years but it did show a Los Angeles as it was at the time, made even a bit worse by an entirely new criminal element being introduced to the city.

1988 was a hell of a year for dramas, with movies such as Rain Man, The Accused, and the even highly underrated Stand and Deliver, to name but a few.  For sci-fi fans, however, silly selections such as Earth Girls are Easy, My Stepmother is an Alien, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, and Purple People Eater were a more common offering.  Alien Nation was a wonderful break from the norm and managed to combine a dramatic story with an excellent bit of science fiction, while still providing a relatable story of discrimination and acceptance.

Alien Nation 2

Reboots are an easy way for a movie house to capitalize on nostalgia and rarely live up to the original.  In the case of Alien Nation, however, it is easy to see just how well the story could go, considering today’s technology.  No word on when we can expect to see the reboot in theaters but we will be following this story closely and will let you know once more details have been revealed!

Are you a fan of the original movie or television series?  How do you feel about a reboot?


Source: THR

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