Ever since Marvel (thankfully) regained the rights to include their endlessly popular Spiderfella in the ever-expanding MCU films, speculation has run rampant as to who may be behind the webs. Outside of who would be playing the iconic web-head, there’s also been a lot of hubbub over which of the many iterations of Spider-Man would be appearing in Marvel’s films. Of course now that we know that it will be an apparently young Peter Parker behind the mask, the only thing we have left to ponder is the identity of the young new movie hero. Today, as if the casting Gods heard our pleas for answers, a second young actor has been brought forward as a potential contender for the role.

Asa Butterfiled, a 17 year old English actor with a pretty impressive resume including the likes of Ender’s Game, may be one of Marvel’s choices for the role of Peter Parker and Spider-man. When asked on Reddit if he’d be up for the role, he gave an enthusiastic “I’M SO DOWN!” in response. I can’t imagine a scenario where the chance to play such a beloved character would be seen as a bad thing, so his emphatic response shouldn’t be a surprise.
In other Marvel rumblings, Adam Mackay, the scribe who rewrote Ant-Man after Wright (sadly) left the project, could be up for a directorial role on a future MCU project. He’s indicated to Crave that nothing is concrete at this time but discussions are ongoing, so it’s safe to assume that Marvel are at least eyeing him for the coveted director’s chair.
Early speculation points to Inhumans as the project he’d most likely helm but, of course, there is nothing solidly connecting him to that film just yet. Given his comedy-centric directorial resume, I’d expect him to be in charge of something a little more light-hearted like the rumored Howard the Duck movie reboot.
What would you like to see Mackay direct? Do you have a favored youngin’ for the Spider-dude role? Let us know in the comments below.

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