Secret Wars is coming! If you’ve been following the developments in Marvel Comics over the last couple of months, then you know that this latest big event miniseries is being billed as Marvel’s biggest and eventiest miniseries ever put to the printed page, and easily bigger than last summer’s event, whatever that was. (Seriously, what was it again?) Anyway, Marvel’s been teasing us the last couple of days about who’s going to make the cut when the Avengers are re-formed and re-united post-Secret Wars, and if the rumors are true, then the creative team had all the Marvel Universes to choose from. So who ended up making the cut?

After days of teasing, the full cover was finally revealed today. Those of you who put money on Captain America Sam Wilson, Iron Man, Vision, Nova and Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales all joining Thor and Miss Marvel Kamala Khan as part of the new Avengers team, now’s your time to collect. Marvel released the full cover today, and those seven heroes will be the line-up for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when the book is revamped following this summer’s Secret Wars event. Check out the cover for the All-New, All-Different Avengers, as revealed to Wired, below:


That’s quite the line-up and reflected the tremendous gains in diversity that Marvel has tried to make for the last couple of years. There are two females on the team (three if you count, as rumored, that Pepper Potts is the new Iron Man Lady), plus the African-American Captain America, the mixed-race Miles and Muslim teen Kamala Khan. Some might call that politically correctness, but it’s no secret that Miss Marvel and Ultimate Spider-Man have been huge for Marvel in both sales and exposure, so getting them on the new Avengers is a no brainer.

In another, less mysterious reveal today, here’s the cover for the new Uncanny Inhumans book:


Both comics will be available on May 2, for free, because that is Free Comic Book Day!

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