New ‘Star Trek’ Series Coming To CBS?


Trekkies were understandably upset when Star Trek: Enterprise was cancelled after its fourth season, and speculation has been pretty constant on whether we’d ever see another Star Trek series on TV. Well, word has it that CBS may capitalize on the new mainstream success garnered by J.J. Abrams’ reboot films and bring Star Trek back to the small screen for a brand new iteration of the exploration of the Final Frontier.

With the franchises’ 50th Anniversary next year, fans have been hoping that some kind of announcement would be made about a return to TV for the franchise. Now, a new rumor has surfaced that suggests it might very well be happening… and details on what it could be about have actually been available online for years.

According to rumor, prior to 2009 there were two pitches for new Star Trek shows floating around the offices of CBS. The first, by Babylon 5‘s creator J. Michael Straczynski, was a reboot, meant to take place during the years of the original and would replace the familiar characters we knew and love with new actors. After Abrams’ take on the series, this doesn’t make much sense, so on to the second.

The other pitch was from novelist Geoffrey Thorne, along with X-Men’s Bryan Singer, Free Enterprise director Rob Burnett, and Usual Suspectswriter Christopher McQuarrie. It was called Star Trek: Federation. It would have taken place long after the first generation, and the United Federation of Planets would be a strong, complacent empire with nary an enemy left. An attack would prompt the Federation to prepare for war and they craft a new, better Enterprise just for such a threat. This series would feature a dynamic cast of characters that would include new, more evolved version of the races we saw in all generations prior.

It seems to have the recipes for success built right in, from the action sequences they’d have, the inherent brand recognition of Star Trek, an already massive fanbase, and it had Bryan Singer (the X-Men films) attached. It would be able to explore new corners of the universe not previously seen, and it could appeal to a whole new generation of fans.

Latino-Review speculates that after Stark Trek 3 is released onto theaters, movement on one of the previous concepts or something entirely new will take shape for a new Television series. Nothing in their long winded write-up suggests anything official. Why report it then? Because the prospect of new Star Trek is always something worth talking about.

No one is one-hundred-percent sure on what exactly will happen, though Singer’s name is still (supposedly) being mentioned a lot at CBS offices. If something were to come about, then they’ll either craft an entirely new pitch to capitalize on the resurgence of Star Trek’s popularity, or stick with the Federation idea (which sounds amazing, anyway). But however Star Trek gets back to our televisions, I know we’ll be happy it found its way back.

source: Latino-Review

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