Apparently being a burgeoning bad ass in Westeros isn’t good enough for Maisie Williams, nor is, apparently, appearing on just one big TV show. The Game of Thrones actress has been cast for a guest starring role in an episode of the long-running sci-fi series’ ninth season, albeit as what, we’re not exactly sure. She could be a hero, she could be a villain, or she could be some random person that The Doctor helps. On the other hand though, Williams looks quite comfy at the controls of the TARDIS in the picture above, so it begs the question, are we looking at a companion in the making? After all, everyone has two franchises nowadays.

Via Deadline, Who executive producer Steven Moffat said of Williams casting, “We’re thrilled to have Maisie Williams joining us on Doctor Who. It’s not possible to say too much about who or what she’s playing, but she is going to challenge the Doctor in very unexpected ways. This time he might just be out of his depth, and we know Maisie is going to give him exactly the right sort of hell.”

Ruh Roh. Kinda makes it sound like Williams is going to be a bad guy, doesn’t it? Naturally, no other information was offered about the character or the context of Williams’ appearance. Moffat is notoriously secretive with reveals, so sending out a press release announcing the guest star is a pretty big deal, but on the other hand, it was probably somewhat inevitable that Williams’ appearing on Who would have been leaked.

As for the 18-year-old actress herself, growing up in Britain she’s obviously stoked to be on the show. “I’m so excited to be working on Doctor Who as it’s such a big and important part of British Culture,” she said in a statement. “I can’t wait to meet the cast and crew and start filming, especially as we’ll be shooting not too far from my home town.”

Season nine of Doctor Who will air on BBC, BBC America and Space later this year. Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are returning as The Doctor and his companion Clara.

Meanwhile, you can see Maisie Williams back in Westeros as Arya Stark when season of five of Game of Thrones premieres on April 12 on HBO.

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