During last night’s incredible season five finale of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman and AMC premiered the first footage from the new spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead that should hit our television screens this summer. That’s right, no more hiatus and waiting for Walker lovers. Once one series season ends, the other will start right back up.walking-dead-spinoff

Let’s get right to it:

It looks like we’re going to see how things started, not the actual cause of the dead rising to walk amongst us, Kickman has always said he’d never reveal that, but how things got so bad so quickly.

In The Walking Dead the comic and the show starts off with Rick’s injury in the line of duty that puts him in a coma, and then his waking up in the deserted hospital after a lot of time has passed.

What are you most looking forward to seeing? It will be interesting seeing how society breaks down and how quickly it happens. One scene I am looking forward to seeing play out is one in which the military tries conventional tactics on the undead. We all know that won’t work as the dead keep coming.

One big factor in the show will also be the transition of people’s opinions on the dead and the dying. Will the Walkers be seen by many as just sick people who need our help? Hershel felt that way at first and it took a lot to convince him otherwise. He most likely wasn’t the only one that felt that way and eventually suffered loss because of it.

I don’t think that time will pass that quickly either, the show is focusing on those first few months of the outbreak and that may take the series through 3 to 4 seasons. That means it should be action packed.

We’ll post more as it becomes available. Perhaps we’ll have a full trailer soon.

Via: AMC

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