So remember last week when it was announced that Idris Elba was being courted to play the villain in the upcoming Star Trek 3? Funny story, a lot of people, including us, jumped to the conclusion that Elba, whose deep voice and stature would be ideally suited for the part, was playing a Klingon. Really though, who can blame us? Since the promotion rounds for Star Trek Into Darkness there’s been semi-confirmed rumors that the role of the warrior race would be expanded in the third Trek, but there’s been a huge change in management since then. And now, one of the new screenwriters of Trek 3 is saying don’t count your Klingons before they’ve hatched.

In an interview with Absolute Radio, screenwriter Simon Pegg, who also plays the Enterprise’s chief engineer Montgomery Scott in the rebooted film series, says…

That’s not true. No, no, no. I heard there’s a rumor he’s been spoken to about stuff, so he may be in the film but he won’t be a Klingon. [Laughs.] Or maybe he will!

Great non-answer there, Pegg. It’s just the kind of answer you would have expected to hear at the height of the whole “John Harrison” dodge, you know when everyone was swearing up and down that Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t playing Khan. Of course, these are early days and it might be irresponsible to start dropping hints about a movie that hasn’t even finished being written yet.

“It’s enormous pressure. I’m barely able to speak right now I’m so terrified,” Pegg added about writing the film. “We’ll just keep plugging away at it, and hopefully come up with something that the fans like — everybody likes, not just the fans.”

On the other hand, Pegg may be in earnest by downplaying the Klingon connection. Only two out 12 Star Trek movies have had Klingons as the main villains or as one major antagonists, The Search for Spock and The Undiscovered Country. Most of the time, the Klingons are on the periphery, like in The Motion Picture or Into Darkness, or are one obstacle in a series of obstacles for the crew of the Enterprise, like in The Final Frontier or Generations. Of course that is if you discount the appearance of Mr. Worf (Michael Dorn) in the Next Gen movies.

In other words, this is a case of six of one/half dozen of the other in terms of rumor likelihood. And it’s worth noting that Elba hasn’t even been officially signed to the role.

Star Trek 3 starts filming later this year, and will be in theaters everywhere in the Summer of 2016.

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