The ‘Shooting Clerks’ Trailer Is Here!


Fans of Kevin Smith will be incredibly happy with the trailer of the upcoming Indie flick Shooting Clerks. Auld Reekie Media is bringing us a hilarious behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Clerks, based on actual events (obviously). The film’s trailer will give you some insight as to how well they’ve captured Smith’s rebellious, I-Don’t-Give-A-Shit style seen in his first foray into the film world and has several cameos from the actors you know and love. View the trailer below.

Are you pumped? I’m pumped.

Obviously, they’ve gone with the classic Clerks style, old-school, chaotic punk music, and the cynical, self-referential humor Smith is known for. The trailer also features a handful of cool cameos, and we can expect to see some familiar faces grace the film. Such cameos will include Marilyn Ghigliotti, famous for her portrayal of Veronica in Clerks, Brian O’Halloran, who we all know as Dante Hicks, and the Man himself, Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith doesn’t appear in the trailer, though, and there’s some speculation on who he’s playing. Originally it was Harry Weizzman, the parody version of Harvey Weinstein who famously picked up Clerks for distribution through Miramax. Now, though, it seems he will be the narrator. Either way, it’ll be fun to see him. Hear him? Either one.


Other cameos are a bit less obvious, such as the Angry Video Game Nerd making an appearance, and several minimal characters from the first film making their way back for the biopic. For example, the little girl Randall sold cigarettes to. Her actress will make a cameo appearance in which she will actually smoke a cigarette. While this all seems trivial to anyone with a normal, functioning brain, this is all huge for fans of Smith and the original Clerks.

Ultimately, it really seems as though the cast and crew of this film truly love and admire what Smith has done for indie film. In fact, their studio, For the Love Of Smod, routinely makes parodies and sketches centered around our chubby hero and his oddball friends. The writer and director of Shooting Clerks, Christopher Downie, seems more than capable of making a feature-length film that captures not only the essence of Smith’s comedy, but the truly interesting story surrounding the creation of Clerks.


With so many people cropping up to be in the film, including Mike Zapcic and Ming Chen from AMC’s Comic Book Men, it’s no wonder how this ‘little project that could’ has managed so many supporters with nearly no mainstream attention. However, supporters may not extend to the financial. At last count the project only raised £2,540 (about $3,760) of its £27,575 ($40,825) goal, putting it in a precariously independent position. But, in the spirit of Kev himself, nothing stops this movie from getting finished, especially not a lack of funds. While it doesn’t yet have an official release date, it’s obvious that it’s getting much closer, and we’re all waiting with baited breath.

If you’d like to support the film, Auld Reekie Media is selling some swag on Redbubble, which not only helps the flick get finished but also looks damn fine. Their Facebook page could use some support as well, and word-of-mouth is always helpful.

And how do you weigh-in? The film is no doubt ambitious, and its tongue-in-cheek retelling is very reminiscent of earlier View Askew movies, but will you support the film? Will you pay to see it? Or is this something that should have been left in the past? I, for one, am getting one of those shirts, if for no other reason than as I get fatter, I always need new clothes. Snoogans.

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