Two New ‘Suicide Squad’ Cast Picks Announced


As production for one of the most-hyped upcoming movies draws nearer, we’ve been afforded a little more news about the casting of the Suicide Squad film. Two more cast members will join the ranks of the Rogues Gallery as they complete missions deemed to dangerous for normal government employees, and it begs the question…is Suicide Squad becoming too ‘Hollywood’?


The now-familiar Suicide Squad lineup contains such big names as Will Smith as Deadshot and Jared Leto as the Joker, among others, and some are worried that this blockbuster will turn into shoot-em-up popcorn fare as opposed to an actual, grounded film showcasing the characters we love. As such, a close eye is being kept on casting, as fans try to keep spirits high despite Suicide Squad possibly going the way of Transformers.


Clint Eastwood‘s son Scott Eastwood and famed boxer Raymond Olubowale have joined our beloved villains in the new adaptation, and it comes as a slight relief to fans that the newest cast members are a tad under-the-radar when it comes to celebrity. The more unknown the celebrity, it seems, the higher the chances of the film being story-driven, rather than relying on star power to sell it.

Of course, production has yet to even begin, so almost everything is speculation at this point. While we’ve covered that Batsy and the Joker will have smaller roles, there’s no word yet on what the film will center on or even who the two newest cast members will be portraying. We can only hope as to how well they’ll perform when given characters that are virtually unknown to the public at large, and that they’ll treat these characters with respect.

The largest issue fans have with this film thus far is just how insignificant source material has been to DC Comics.

The Dark Knight trilogy veered way off of the comic just to bring in fans from an action-y standpoint, rather than appealing to their core audience. While the films weren’t bad by any means, there is no denying that Nolan didn’t care very much about the source material.  The ending *SPOILERS* of the Dark Knight Rises had someone claiming Blake’s real name was Robin. Not Dick Grayson, not Jason Todd, not Tim Drake. Robin.

It was a slap in the face to fans and meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator on the basest level. “Hey, Robin, that’s Batman’s sidekick, neat.” It showed no presence of thought, it was far from clever, and it would have made way more sense to name him Terry McGinnis and have a shot of a redesigned Batman Beyond suit at the end. Not only would it have pleased true fans, it would have given DC a new franchise. But DC, like a cruel deity, doesn’t make sense and they don’t think of movies the same way they think about comic books.

This leads to speculation that we’ll see a dark, realistic portrayal of the Suicide Squad with all the violence we love with none of the substance. It’s obvious that moviegoers enjoy action movies far more than character pieces, but until DC strikes a good balance between both, fans won’t ever be pleased.

Will you go see Suicide Squad on opening night, or have you maybe lost faith in the project? Is there more DC can do for its fans? Am I bitching about nothing? Yell at me in the comments!

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