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Since it began tumbling around in Hollywood’s dryer back in 2007, the Metal Gear Solid film has experienced some peaks and valleys in its journey to actual production. People have come and gone and the project even completely fell off the radar for most. Hell, even the game series itself is facing its biggest challenge yet with the heavily rumored departure of its leading man Hideo Kojima. Now, perhaps due to the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain‘s impending release, Sony has restarted the project’s engine with a new screenwriter on deck to pen Snake’s cinema infiltration.

Jay Basu  a relatively unknown British scribe with an resume full of low budget releases, has been confirmed to be the man behind the pen for the Metal Gear film. His filmography leaves a lot to be desired, but he should be up to the task as long as he bathes himself in the games and their wacky shenanigans. Avi Arad is producing the project, with Jordan Vogt-Roberts on board to direct.

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Video game films have a sketchy reputation at best at this point, but Metal Gear Solid has more than enough potential to reverse the trend. There are plenty of fun, film-friendly themes packed into the games that would make a great transition to the big screen. I could definitely see it as a darkly comedic political spy thriller packed full of ridiculous super suits and nuclear-armed mechs. Anyone with a pulse would surely find that interesting, right!?

The real question is whether or not the folks backing the film are up to the task of creating a movie that’s both great for audiences and satisfying for the game’s die-hard fans. They’ve got more than enough material and lore to craft a great new franchise, so I’ll remain cautiously optimistic about the project.

Now, with that done, let’s get a casting for Snake out of the way. Slap an ass kicking mullet, greasy beard and heart-breakingly tight stealth suit on a Hollywood heavyweight and let’s get this party started!

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