As Deadpool continues principle photography in Vancouver Canada, including shutting down the Georgia Street Viaduct (Bridge) from April 5th through the 18th, we’re sure to get more set pictures from fans as well as Ryan Reynolds and others involved in the production. This time around we get a closer look at the scarred face of Wade Wilson, T.J. Miller in his new Weasel hair-do, and Morena Baccarin on set, although covered up in a jacket.

Here’s the filming notice sent out to residents in the Vancouver area about the closure of the Georgia Street Viaduct:

For all the Deadpool fans out there. A few weeks of filming a block a way from our apartment in #beautiful #vancouver @vancitybuzz #explorebc #roadclosure

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This first picture gives us a better look at Ryan Reynolds in his Wade Wilson face makeup.


Here’s T.J. Miller in his new Weasel hair-do. Note the cash in his pocket, looks like he’ll be slipping a few bills into some G-Strings. Weasel supplies Deadpool with all those wonderful guns and toys.


And that’s the slightly NSFW stripper butt we promised. I imagine that Morena Baccarin pictured below with the jacket also has on some fish-net stockings and low-cut sexy dancing attire on as well.


That’s all we’ve got so far today. There’s now telling what we might find in the next couple of weeks of shooting. Reynolds hasn’t really held anything back about costuming, makeup and other movie magic, so I expect he’ll keep feeding that Internet beast as the movie progresses.


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