2003’s ‘Daredevil’ Finally Gets An Honest Trailer


With Netflix’s fascination with original content stemming to Marvel’s blind avenger, ScreenJunkies turned their satirical gaze towards Affleck’s universally-hated turn as Matt Murdock. It may be low-hanging fruit…but that doesn’t make it any less delicious.


As subjects of mockery go, Ben Affleck’s Daredevil is pretty safe. I’ve yet to see anyone rush to defend this 2003 dreck (though there’s some niceties thrown around about the Directors Cut), so it’s a wonder that the YouTube channel devoted entirely to pointing out the flaws in movies hasn’t touched this one yet. After all, it’s number two on Rolling Stone’s list of awful superhero films. Maybe they were waiting for the right time, and if that’s the case, boy did they get it right. Netflix is Releasing a new Daredevil Series on April 10th, which has caused everyone to simultaneously jump for joy at the prodpect of a gritty, realistic Daredevil, and sigh in shame with the memory of what we did to him all those years ago. So that we can put that dark, terrible chapter of Nerd Culture to rest for good, let us gawk once more at the failure that was…DareFleck.

I’m sorry you had to relive the trauma, but tragedy + time = comedy, yeah? This may raise some concerns about Batfleck, and this is particularly upsetting to bring up again since I am so in favor of Ben Affleck portraying the Caped Crusader. However, Affleck has mentioned several times that he not only regrets the way Daredevil was played, he’s truly sorry that fans had to go through it. He aims to make his Batman portrayal “wiser and more mature”. We can only hope.

What about you guys? Any strong Daredevil sympathizers? Or is it hated for good reason?

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