We’ve known that Game of Thrones Ed Skrein had been cast for a role opposite Ryan Reynolds in Tim Miller‘s Deadpool, but until earlier today, we didn’t really know what role that might be. Thanks to Skrein’s Tweet, Now we know.

Here’s the tweet:

OK, now the next question for many is who the hell is Ajax?


Well let’s start out with his name, or at least the only name that anyone knew him by before he underwent the Weapon X treatments, Francis. That’s it, no last name, just Francis. I’ve got to say that when I first saw that name, the Francis scene in Stripes came to mind.

Turns out, this Francis was just as crazy, without all the lovable qualities that Stripes‘ Francis had. Here’s the Marvel Universe Wiki intro on Ajax:

The man known only as Francis was a longtime government operative that underwent cybernetic enhancement by Doctor Killebrew in Canada’s Weapon X program. Dubbed the Workshop, the facility was the place where Weapon X rejects would be sent so Doctor Killebrew could perform his sadistic experiments on them. Wade Wilson, who would later became known as Deadpool, was one of these people who Killebrew took great pleasure in experimenting on. Francis was feared by many of the inmates due to his poor treatment of them. However Wilson eventually got enough courage to undermine his authority by calling him insulting names in front of everybody. While he would be horribly punished by Francis later on, the inmates adored Wilson as his remarks to Francis gave them a voice. More importantly however it also gave them hope. Francis did not like how his authority had been undermined in front of the inmates and reported to Doctor Killebrew about the situation. Killebrew told Francis that Wilson was untouchable unless he said otherwise. Francis would have to find some other way to put the fear back in the inmates. He took Worm, one of the few friends Wilson made in the compound, and strapped him to a torture device. He then told Wilson, in front of all of the inmates, that unless he started showing him some respect his friends would be the ones to pay the price for Wilson’s insubordination. Unsure of what to do, Worm reminded Wilson of the benefits his intolerance brought to the inmates. Wilson once again insulted Francis and Worm was tortured to near death as a result. To ease his suffering, Wilson snapped Worm’s neck. Francis then took Wilson to Doctor Killebrew’s laboratory where Killebrew told Francis that he had permission to kill Wilson.

Sounds like he’ll be a lot of fun. I really hope that the movie does well and Marvel and FOX can come to some terms and get Deadpool into some other movies, even if only for some cameo comedy.

Deadpool is currently in principle shooting in Vancouver and stars Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, Gina Carano, and Brianna Hildebrand. Deadpool hits theater screens on February 12th, 2016.

I know where I’ll be that opening weekend, how about you?

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