As the Deadpool production continues to film on the Vancouver Georgia Street Viaduct, there’s new video and stills of Ryan Reynolds getting his Deadpool on. Check out the gallery and on set videos below.

Damn that suit is fantastic. I love that Ryan is wearing the mask and won’t be trying to pull off shoving his face in every scene like some actors might have. I’m looking at you Judge-Dredd-Stallone.

Here’s some video:

Deadpool – Filming in Vancouver, BC from Torry Courte on Vimeo.

It looks like Deadpool will be doing plenty of flying around flipping and such, just like in the comics. Deadpool if nothing else knows how to make a dramatic entrance.

I can’t wait to see and hear Ryan as Deadpool, especially interacting with TJ Miller, those scenes better bring the humor.

Via: Daily Mail, National Post, Vancouver Sun

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